Seeds of LOVE


My name is Mia Leventhal.

I have formed a project by the name of “Aakhda”,meaning “Together” in ancient Aramaic,a source  language to Hebrew and Arabic, as well as the language spoken by Jesus.

Allow me to go back a notch ..or two..

For those of you who dont know as of yet,I was born in the States and moved to Israel with my family as a child.My Father was sent to America  for  his work with El Al from Israel where both he and my mother came to after they were rejected by their original countries for being of Jewish religion(My father from Egypt ruled by Naser,and my mother from France overruled by the Nazis).At a certain stage in life,troubled by the events going on in Israel, I started to roam the world in search of an inner quest.Incidents I have experienced have pushed me back to Israel unexpectedly.

Considering myself a citizen of the world ,open to all cultures,I did not fully comprehend at first why my attempts to continue to ”roam”  were repeatedly blocked…only to slowly receive messages through my dreams that my “outer journey” has ended and I have come “home” on a mission..

This Region is of utmost importance for many reasons..this land carries in it many symbolic stories..many teachings is in fact a Symbolic land..symbolic for all lands and all people..

As such it is to serve as an example of the purest and noblest of values,LOVE.


While the basis of all humans is LOVE  to my belief, it is misfortunate, to say the least, that it has been lost along the way..

” HERE”… just as it has been lost ” THERE” ..and “EVERYWHERE”..

It is my personal quest through AAKHDA

to do my very best

to re-plant seeds of  LOVE

of the purest form,

regardless of Religion,Race or Color.

To be able to help us all

reach out to one another

releasing old pain

starting anew

because remember

We are all in this together!


I would like to share with you a poem I have written these days:

I am here for you

I am here for you

My Brother,

I have returned to know you

My Sister.

I have come to hold your hand.

This may be my land

but it is yours too

just as we share

the same God

Me & You.

I promise to do my best

to help you stand straight

we shall always eat

from the same plate.

If you take my hand

we will show the others

what true Love is all about.

If you allow me

to walk by your side

we shall prove the errors

of our Brothers

without a doubt.

_   _  _  _   _  _  _

One of my projects within “Aakhda” is to teach creative recycling to Palestinian women to create handcrafted products that can be sold to aid in their income.First among the techniques I am teaching is to work with Plastic bags,a technique and an initiative I have learned from  Christen from ” bags be gone“.

The problematic issue of plastic bags and its harm to our earth has been widely discussed,and I hope you all know the importance of finding sollutions.There is an addtional value to choosing this media as it can be shown that “MIN WALLA ISHI NAAM EL ISHI” = from nothing ,we can do something..

I believe that in the greatest despair there is ALWAYS a solution.We just need the faith,openness and creativity to overcome all seeming obstacles and create for ourselves an opening door when there is oppression  and all doors seem to be closed before us..

With this project in mind I have reached out to Palestinian communities and met the Women of  AUJA village near Jericho.

When I first was introduced to Auja,it was LOVE at first sight..!

These amazing women have received me with a huge amount of warmth and unconditional Love.The pure simplicity of a clean heart and a smiling gaze that sees you as a walking soul reaching out to touch their hand.The kind that took me at once to that longing to another era, another place..and yet here it was..true and the here and now..and our eyes have failed to see.. They have continued to embrace me with joy,humor and generosity.They are brave,openminded and eager to learn and to create..and re-create their reality..together hand in hand we set out for this journey .A journey in which I had intended to guide them but I do believe I have learned much more from them than they have from me..

Upon my second visit I was welcomed by a young man by the name of Nasri Manassra.He greeted me with an extreme open mind and generosity.He was teaching an English course to the women at the time,but continued to join me on my visits long after the course has ended ,to assist me with this project and make sure all went well.Originally ,I have asked him to help translate my explanations to the women,but he has,on his own initiative chosen to do much more..What I find fascinating is the fact that he is so young of age and has never left his region,and despite the misfortune of living in an era of extreme tension and limitation,he excels in his creative positive attitude and approaches ANYONE  he encounters with a totally PURE heart ,free of fear,doubt or anger,eager to learn aswell as teach.

I believe he has the makings of a leader to his people and is of great value to the future of Palestine.

Artwork made of recycled plastic by one of the young women of Auja.

I would like to share with you some images of me working with the women in Auja,inwhich I believe it is clear to see the deep love that we share aswell as some examples of the magnificent bags they have created from discarded plastic shopping bags.I am honored to be gifted with the beautiful song of my friend Julie Rust “Believe”(  to adjoin these images !

I will continue to post on the advancements of this project aswell as all of AAKHDA`s activity here on AAKHDA`s site,please stay tuned.

I have been working on” Aakhda”  for a while now completely “min walla ishi” =from nothing..without any funding.Needless to say ,funds are currently very much needed to be able to continue and develop these projects,the smallest amount would be greatly appreciated.Aakhda is also currently in search of shops aswell as individuals interested in purchasing these products made by the women aswell as many other handcraft products I will be showing on the site.

For those interested in contributing to the wellfare of these women by purchasing their products please visit my online shop :

For shops or Organisations interested in larger quantities or anyone else interested in further details,

please contact me at:  mia dot aakhda at yahoo dot com.

Sending you all blessings of light*

and wishing you to join me on this quest for re–discovering  LOVE

through any journey you choose.

Mia Leventhal

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  1. Mia,

    You are a voice, you have a voice, and this is a voice speaking up for many voices- you are talking about history, about what is happening right now, you are talking about what you are doing, what others are doing- and each step you take is going towards healing. We no longer must think in terms of countries, and groups and traditions and religious beliefs – but accept that each person carries the history of the world on their shoulders. Part of healing is to know we can not correct the past – but we can correct the future. By taking sides, we do not promote peace. By being on the outside, and understanding what we can do on the inside to help, we make progress. Your project is beautiful, and real. It not only contains seeds of hope for all, because it is an example of what one person can do, and make a difference, but it contains seeds of hope, because you have already taken the first step towards friendship, and sustainability. Because war and strife, is always based on misunderstanding, lack of compassion and someone not having enough to eat. Your project treats these problems hands on.

    • My dear Penelope,

      It is so rare to have such a deep and openminded view point as yours..I am proud to have you by my side supporting and encouraging me each step of the way..Thank you 🙂

  2. The course of your life seems to be in perfect conjunction with the goals of your organisation. And more even the drive from your deepest respect for all cultures. It enhances your transparancy in contacts and communications with all parties involved in this endevour.

    This is unique. You are the change a lot of people wish to see in the world. Inspiring is your resilience. This project can only succeed.


    • My dear Nino,

      How grateful I am to thee
      that you so believe in me..
      True Love has no color,
      has no race.
      empowering is the energy
      of my friend`s embrace..

      THANK YOU so much my friend for your amazing support! 🙂

  3. […] Aakhda has it`s own site and you are cordially invited to visit and see what it`s all about! […]

  4. Dear Mia,

    I have been praying in my heart for years for someone like you to start an initiative like yours. And the beauty is that the angels have heard me. May peace be spread thanks to you… may love win over hurt.

    God bless you all

    Anges de Lumiere

    • My dear angel of Light* ,Thank you for blessing us here with your Grace!
      Your words have gifted me with a delightful shiver down my spine,reminding me
      that dreams of Light* are shared by many brothers and sisters all over this planet..
      I look forward to continue to dream ..and act..”Aakhda”, Together…

      I do hope you will continue to bless us here with your delightful energy
      and participate in creating a wonderful celebration of Love! (

      Avec beaucoup d`Amour

      Mia 🙂

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  6. […] creations aswell as those of Palestinian women with which I work, within the activity of the org.AAKHDA that I have formed.In addition to this there will be a variety of handmade items of different […]

  7. Dear Mia, i congratulate you for this wonderful work, involvement and openess that let you discover unconditional Love. I had a different path, while a teen, i was always asking myself that i am born in a muslim family that is having cordial relationship with jews but criticizing them very much behind their back. It was time of kippour war. In fact, i could have born in a jew family, and may be i could have experienced the same thing toward muslims. I had and still have very good jew friends, thank you FB, and the problem still the same, source of it, but much more complicated now. Ego is killing religions, market laws lead by lobbies is killing humanity values. Every human being has the same basic needs and purpose : To live, to love his native family and his family he makes after, to have a job, a roof, good health, to serve his community, and have joy doing all that. This is life. If he think-believes that Jesus is the son of God, that Uzeir is the son of God, of that Allah has no son, or that he should live the now and everything is perfect as a spiritual one, or even mixing all that to feel good with, really it is not worth killing anyone, it is his belief. The 3 holy books say that they are all books of Light, it is our Divine Source where we are all One. We have put so many separation, so many inhuman laws to organize a great madness. i pray God, by the way that doesn t belong to any religion or anyone as we tend to believe and that s why it is a madness, so I pray Him to give as much as wisdom as necessary to get back to Peace, inner Peace to each citizen of the world, the Peace that we must build our world on, to make Peace worldwide possible, and to start living instead of surviving as we are doing now.There is a tremendous intelligence in both sides, the world will start to be in Peace when this Israeli Palestinian issue will be solved, it is possible. I grew up with a perfect cohabitation among muslims jews and catholics in my country. Until now, there are some jew pelgrimage still occuring each year. This Peace will let the meditarenean countries to be prosperous thanks to the genius of our complementarity. It was done in South Africa thanks to the involvement of the 2 leaders having the same goal : sicial Peace. It will lead the world to convert its defense budget progressively to education, human development, erasing hunger, being One and raising virtuous humanity values. Let’s make a Love planet to honor our Mother Nature and be in the path of Divine Light. With God’s help. Shalom Peace Salam OmShanti

    • Shukran Driss..Inshalla..may we all gradually learn to see the true light uniting all beliefs and all of existence sewed onto the cloth of creation itself..
      may we all release our casts of fear and disbelief revealing the seed which unites us all ..LOVE..without which Life is but mere survival as you say..
      Peace be with you my brother as we continue to plough the trail of light with all our might..

  8. WOW Mia!!! Your heart is truly the treasure I believed it to be from the moment our paths crossed……

    I would like to leave you with one of my own quotes written not long ago, but shortly before I met you:

    “Whatever your personal beliefs are, as to the origins of our existence, is not as important as the simple fact that we are here together. And that one of the true paths to enlightenment lies in the understanding and acceptance of those that believe differently than ourselves.” ~ Dave Nieves 02-01-11

    • Dave..Thank you so much..for your appreciation..and for your beautiful words..which touch always.. Much Love ,Mia.

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  15. A very beautiful and profound piece. Thank you for reminding us that the Universe exists beyond the windows of our homes, beyond the end of our streets, beyond the borders of city, states and countries, and that we are of one race, the Human race. I enjoyed you blog so much and am so honored and humbled to have “met” you. I believe in passing forward all that cultivates peace and serenity in the world. There is a link to Seeds Of Love on my blog, Smiled Soul: I encourage all visitors to my blog to visit, Seeds Of Love, as well. Let us all spread peace and love throughout the Universe.

  16. Thank you so much 🙂
    Yes it is time for us to unite as one…<3 Thank you so much for your visit,your appreciation and your support !
    Much Love

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  21. […] am Happy to present to you these Peace shirts as another part of  my Humanitarian Project AAKHDA , Cotton shirts upon which my Palestinian sisters have embroidered the word Peace in their […]

    • Much Love to you too dear Bettina! ❤ 🙂

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