These days a cycle comes to a  closure..About one year and a half ago the official organisation structure of AAKHDA was formed.
Its been a quite a adventure..a learning process..

There have been many obstacles in attempting to create what I have originally planned..but overcoming them have definitely served as huge lessons..

I have been lingering for a while with the decision..but alas..AAKHDA in its current formal structure will close down..

AAKHDA has been my personal vision
Yet,my original dream of AAKHDA lives on!
AAKHDA is an energy..a message..AAKHDA means “TOGETHER”..and this essence of TOGETHERNESS will continue.

“AAKHDA`s” essence remains intact and my current project of teaching and working with the women of Auja,Palestine will be embraced by  my handcraft line  “Kahliya”
Which is devoted to promoting soul invested handcraft within total respect & celebration of all creation, Delivering a message of Love, and actively contributing to relations of Peace among ALL.

These women are my sisters and I totally embrace them within my own activity..side by side we will create,inspire and evolve..!

Our joint activity will be shared here on AAKDA`S Site and at Kahliya`s  site and Blog as well as their Facebook fan pages .
The products they create will be sold on Kahliya`s online shop! The shop`s link always to be found on kahliya`s site!

Any shop or organisation interested in purchasing or contributing ,please contact me via email.

AAKHDA has more projects carrying the message of peace and universal Love in store..please stay tuned by visiting this site!

Thank you ALL for your Love and support,

Much Love


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  1. […] which I have initially formed as a Non Profit Org.will close its current structure. AAKHDA`s related post “Aakhda`s” essence also remains intact and my current project of teaching and working […]

  2. Mia, I wish you the best of luck. As you say, the dream lives on and it is simply manifested in different ways. I can’t wait for what lies ahead for you and AAKHDA!

    • Thank you soo much Dear Jessica! Yes long as we have the seed..there is so much that can blossom..Bless you..! 🙂

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