Contemplations after reading The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram/Carol Bridges

                           “Soul Call” Artquilt by Carol bridges

Contemplations after reading The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram

In the long ago, the people then all recognized each other’s song.

The daily walk was a story line where birds and mountain, wildcat and butterfly, lily and snake all had their say.

Each walker listened and thus knew the way to water holes, berries and game.

She sang these stories as she walked and the stories showed themselves in the living beings she passed as each one repeated its song.

She was never alone for all Earth was made of living friends. She was part of this living body singing to itself a daily life story. There was nothing but Presence in Place.

Slowly, over time, marks were made on paper. The marks took the sounds of all the humans and made them still, unmoved, and without breath. Unspoken words.

Humans learned to read these non-living words and to value their changelessness. It was as if the changeless words, unmoved by life around them were eternal… perhaps coming from eternity itself.

Some said the words were god.

People began to imagine this god to be human-like as he used only the human sounds in his written marks, forgetting all other voices. His human words endured. Therefore, his power must be greater than all others. The word was god.

And the people no longer listened to the jaguar or the otter, did not care for owl’s cry or worry as the streams stopped singing to them. They seldom looked up from their writings to see the clouds warning them that storms were ahead.

The people were busy learning the powers of the breathless god-words frozen on sheets of dead wood. The forests became pages of instructions, self-help books, bibles, forms and rules. Sometimes, the dead words became alive again when spoken by a poet or arranged carefully and embellished with love. But, even these words from the heart, once written, could no longer be read by the streams and hillsides themselves, nor by the squirrels and the iris.

Humans and nature fell separate. Now, only motors, hums and beeps, the click of keys, and endless human chatter sounded. Nature sung only to itself. Polar bears and whales and dolphins cried out for a time. Ice creaked and roared, but finally slipped away. The sun burned hotter trying to get attention. The rains did not put out the fires nor replenish the soil. What would teach them? What sound would reach them? The humans, lost in their “I”-solation. The humans, their ears to cellphones clinging to the last living breath of the only thing they believe to be alive… other humans.

Until the Enchantment. Until we awaken to the other living creatures bravely enduring our dis-memberment.

As nature stops oiling the wheels of progress, we may slow down again, hear again, the shifting, changing, ever-alive chirps and howls and croaks and splashes, thunders and silences of wild life.

We may again tie our stories to the place we live by feeding the soil, appreciating the beauty, accepting local nourishment.

Here in the present is all the Presence; a living godness, the god-in-us, the whole, the holy, the sounding all-one-ness.

Here ye, hear ye. Take a breath and speak. Inhale the Earth’s breath, the fresh air of this the only day you will ever have of this particular bliss.

Carol Bridges July 11, 2007

Carol Bridges is the Author of several Beautiful Books of Guidance :

A Quilt Artist :

and also offers workshops and retreats on Fengshui and more at her Nature`s Haven
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