The Women of Cyprus/Vassiliki Katrivanou

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The wounds of war are shared by all of us..there are no exceptions..courageous are those who attempt to break through those wounds and try to search for some healing light and understanding..perhaps even a tunnel towards bridging and mending..

Courageous even more are those who take us by the hand and gently escort us there..Vassiliki Katrivanou is one of these amazing guides.

In her documentary film together with Bushra Azzouz, “The women of Cyprus” , she escorts the Turkish and the Greek women of the divided Island of Cyprus, as they explore their pain and search for some light.

Bless you Vassiliki and Boushra, and Bless these courageous women as there is a heart in each and every one of us which is throbbing and yearning for compassion, understanding and LOVE…may we ALL find a way to embrace eachother!

Read more about  the film:

View clips of the film :

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  1. Congratulatons Vassiliki and Boushra, Courgage brave souls!

    • Thank you Dear Annie!
      Love to you ❤

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