I am Light*

Yayyyy! Another Embroidered message created to help fund project Akkhda! (  http://kahliya.com/weaving-love/ )                                           This embroidery, together with other products will be soon offered for sale at Kahliya`s online shop    ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/kahliya)   as soon as I reopen! Will update!




Sometimes Darkness Abounds..
For whatever reason this may be
We must always remember
The Light that resides within.
As each and every one of us
Carries a seed
Of this light
which unites us all to the Divine.
we are all able at all times
To tune into this light
And shine .
So when in doubt, fear or pain,
Please look within
And find that little flame
Eternally burning
Awaiting you to claim..
Shine`th thy light!



I am Light*/ Mia Leventhal
I have been

Deep down Under
I have seen
Tremendous Thunder
So Many times
I have Floundered
Never have I truly wondered
As deep down inside
I have known
The secret of my birthright
I have the Might
Poem taken from my poetry site : http://soulrevelations.wordpress.com/

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