Gentle Healing

Today is a day for Gentle Healing..much has been happening in the way of Astrological events which has brought a lot of shake ups in our lives..globally and personally
Many of us are left hurting..wounded..shocked..overwhelmed by events that have shaken our striving sense of stability.

Try to Breathe Deeply and Release the Need to Understand..Analyse..Find solutions and practical results..
Try to Breathe in your Personal inclination to finding your Peace and Well being.. Regardless of any Event taking place around you..

Disconnect if you will.. though this is not an escape in the normal sense.. It is an Escape to your Truth..

Because your Truth Is Your Well being and the knowledge that All is Well Despite ..

Breathe and Find the Real You beneath all those layers of trying to adapt to the outer world..

Inside your Core Being.. You Know your Place of is Peace..Be there..

Glide into this place being Gentle with yourself..

Take a pause

Do something tender sweet and pleasing for yourself

Find a place of quiet

Find solace and join the healing rhythm of Nature

Find a source of Water and allow the gliding softness wash away the negative..

Light a candle and invite spirit to join and comfort you

Breathe in a soothing aroma of a favorite essential oil

Hold a healing crystal that appeals to you

Stop all you`re doing and go get yourself a wholesome treat

Take a break and do something fun

Be kind to yourself

Pamper yourself in anyway that brings you joy…


Be like the Water around the stones that appear in your way

Glide around them by taking a small Pause and being Gentle with Yourself

When you return to “Reality”

You will see it will be Softened .. Healed..

Or maybe You will Be  🙂

*Update : WHat do YOU do to heal?
Share with us so we can All learn from Eachother 🙂

Listen to the sound/ Mia Leventhal

Listen to the sound
That comes from the ground
Allow the water flow
Gently carry you to know
To release all fear
As Peace is so near…
* Poem taken from my Poetry site Soul Revelations
Take time out to enjoy this soothing sound of Water…
Much Love,
*Article taken from my blog :Kahliyalogue :

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