Bring Back the Beauty






What if I told you the rainbow is just around the corner?

What if I told you that BLISS is Yours for the taking Here and Now

If you Choose?

Sounds weird?


There are parcels of Beauty at every corner just waiting there patiently for us to acknowlege and enjoy

We know they`re there..and yet we`re too busy running around trying to make sense of our lives.

What if I told you that that SENSE you are searching for is closer and simpler than you think?

Shut down your Busy Head and open your self to SENSE the Beauty all around you

Sure there`s Chaos

WE`ve created it..


But the Divine has Gifted us with Sheer Beauty

And its still there

The Chaos we`ve created is only us alienating ourselves from that Purity

Because we think with our heads

We think we can be smarter

Do more



When at the end of the day

The Peace we search for is right Here

Around the corner

In the Perfect Balance of Divine`s Creation

Not faster

Not Higher

But just right

It has rules of its own to guide us

And everything ticks in perfect Harmony

That creates peace and joy for all of creation

And that is how it should be

If we were only to look again and learn from the guidelines given to us

Perhaps we could understand

what we`ve missed

For us all to be Happy

So look again today

And bring that back into the chaos

Perhaps we can bring the Beauty


Or bring us back into the Beauty

And orchestrate together a wonderful world

Just like when we find the Birds chirping and the Trees standing tall and the Water flowing

Go make time today to find the nearest parcel of Beauty near you

And be inspired

Breathe it in

Find peace again

Bring it back home

And inspire others

We all need it…

Much Love,




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