All Children are precious

Recent tragic events in Israel/Palestine have left a grand hole in my Heart.. and as I remain quite speechless I do feel a need to express something to “counter contribute” the escalating violence on both sides…
it is saddening and Humanly shameful to see ANY one act in such violence towards another, regardless of their views or oppositions..or even own frustration and pain..not to mention revenge..
It has been said by Gandhi “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind” and so it does..for we have been blinded for so long.. it is unbelievable to see to what extent we are capable in human society to reach from within our fear driven hate..
And yet..perhaps it is important to see to what extent we are capable to go to and see that this exists within our human complexity.
Once we are capable of seeing how it is we can reach this horrific lack of faith in life itself, this fear that reaches such destruction, then perhaps we can begin to find how to Heal it and how to diminish it from our Global Family..for fighting fire with fire will never be the solution..reacting from within our pain or fear is what will endlessly continue the cycle of violence..
Today and all days I ask of you one small favor..let us take a moment before we speak..before we react..let us think about the consequences..let us see that perhaps the expressions of our immediate pain can trigger a chain of pain and anger within the other..let us hold ourselves responsible for the energy we put out there into the world..let it be an energy of Patience, Compassion and Love..
Let US
CREATE the World we wish for NOW
With every small act we do or say

Let us Start
Thank you
Blessings ❤

All Children are precious…


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