Please hold a Light in your Heart for me/ Mia Leventhal



I am your Enemy

Please Hold a Light

In your Heart for Me

I am Feeling Hurt

Ignored, Abused, Not Heard

I Know No Better than to Splurt

My Vision is Already Blurred

I am on a Roll

My Cup Already Full

No One Hears My Fear

Nothing anymore is Clear

I Have lost my Life

To Bitterness and Strife

I Need to be Saved

I am Feeling Caved

Please Hold a Light 

In your Heart for me

Please find a way

To Stop and Soothe me

I know That at some Bitter End

We will be too tired to fight

Please can you be a Friend

And Help us See the Light

Please forgive me

I am counting on you

Someone has to see whats true

Please Hold a Light

In your Heart for me

For I am but a Mirror

Of YourSelf

You See …

Please Hold a Light

In your heart

For Me


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  1. (Response)
    I strike a match
    hoping it ignites
    to light a very small candle
    I run to that mirror
    and there you are
    I ask you to forgive me too
    and in that light
    within that mirror
    there are many more
    of you and me
    many colors, many nations
    in that mirror
    of you and me
    and all of us
    Hold A Light
    in our heart
    For You

    • Beautiful! Thank you so much Dear Charlie for your response..such a Beautiful continuation of flow with Spirit! Bless! Much Love ❤

      • I say to you,
        again my Friend,
        You are the Light
        still shining bright
        but lost in dreams
        to think such things,
        that what you are,
        could be of Me,
        with fears unheard,
        My enemy.
        Yet eyes wide shut,
        your current scene,
        I let you think
        unloved by Me
        with matches lit
        of nearby friends
        to help you see
        through frightful dreams
        of guilt and shame,
        that pain of blame,
        still unreleased,
        that You weren’t hurt
        at all by Me,
        or We by you,
        your loving Friends
        who still await
        unharmed and free
        beyond your dreams
        of shadowed woods
        and scary things.

      • This is sooo beautiful!
        Thank you Kelly!
        What a beautiful spontaneous dance between souls delving into ourselves..the “other”.. and forgiveness..
        May we all find our way back LOVE..Amen
        Much Love

  2. Yes, a lovely, spontaneous dance between us inspired by you. I enjoyed it too.

    • ❤ 🙂

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