Fear, Your Greater Ascension Evolution and Healing by Mary Magdalene Channelled through Natalie Glasson

 Fear, Your Greater Ascension Evolution and Healing by Mary Magdalene
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 3rd October 2014- http://www.omna.org
Greetings dear brothers and sisters of the light, I honour your journey and existence upon the Earth at this sacred time. It is
my wish to bring forth the wisdom of the New Era of Love in order to build your connection, alignment and belief in love
within your reality and ascension process on the Earth. There is so much love to be experienced and to be embodied
within your being and all around you pulsating from the source that is the Creator. It is time to truly dedicate and commit
yourself to the Era of Love, if it is your greatest desire and wish to experience such a reality upon the Earth. It is my wish to
share with you wisdom and enlightenment I have received from the Era of Love energy vibration while imagining it as a
wave flowing from and through my own being.
It is first appropriate to acknowledge that love is always present and yet will not be present for you unless you choose to
acknowledge and accept love. This means that if you do not believe in the presence of love in your reality or that you are
unworthy of love then you are resisting the love of the Creator, choosing to ignore the presence of the Creator’s love. In this
situation you may even create circumstances to encourage you to believe in the lack of the Creator’s love within your
reality. Similarly if you allow the circumstances and experiences of the outside world, which may be negative or
demonstrate pain and suffering, encompass your mind and create your beliefs, then it may also be difficult to accept the
presence of the Creator’s love within your reality and being. The Creator’s love is so precious it is like a jewel or a
treasure, it can only truly be seen when one is willing, choosing and truthfully wishes to embrace its presence within the
universe, entire world and every being upon the Earth including you. Without your belief in the love of the Creator and your
belief that it can lovingly influence and support your reality then it can be challenging to accept the existence and to have
experiences of the Era of Love.
It is secondly appropriate to acknowledge that your natural existence is the love and harmony of the Creator. Like a
magnetic pull you cannot help be attracted to recognising yourself, other, your life and the world as the love of the Creator.
This magnetic pull is so strong because you are composed of the love of the Creator and yet you pull with all your might in
the opposite direction to the magnetic pull. Such actions cause chaos and disharmony within your being and creations
thus creating challenges for you. It is very tiring to constantly pull yourself away from your natural existence, natural
attraction and natural energy. In this period of ascension you are being asked by your soul and the Creator to dissolve
everything that stands in your way or that you place as an obstacle to the natural magnetic pull to be in harmony with the
Creator’s love. It is now time to quiet and soothe everything within you to allow for harmony and alignment with love to
prosper and develop thus creating ease, perfection and fulfilment within your being and reality. The greatest fulfilment for
your soul and entire being is to be as one with the Creator and especially to experience a deep harmonisation with the
Creator. In this state everything evolves and manifest perfectly, allowing you to emanate contentment and happiness in
every moment of your reality thus magnifying the love of the Creator. You may wish to affirm:
‘I allow myself to move in harmonised alignment with the love of the Creator and to greater union with the love of the
Creator. I release all obstacles of my own creation emanating from my own being that challenge my natural instinct of
harmony with the love of the Creator.’
It is thirdly appropriate to acknowledge that fear and love complement each other. Fear and love are akin to two extremes
of the same energy. Your natural energy of fear is actually very loving towards you and extremely protective over you,
wishing you to be safe and secure at all times. Your natural vibration of love wishes you to be safe and protected as well
but aspires for you limitless expressions and experiences of love, prosperity and fulfilment within your reality. Your natural
love vibration and energy wishes you to experience the love of the Creator in everyone and every situation within your
reality, creating a prosperous abundant reality of magic. The energy of fear creates limitations in love while the vibration of
the Creator’s love creates limitless experiences; both are required in harmony and balance with each other. If fear is
always demonstrating to you the limitations then you cannot experience the limitlessness of the Creator’s love. If the
Creator’s love is always demonstrating limitless experiences then you may find you never truly ground and embody your
experiences of the Creator’s love.
At this time in the ascension process and unveiling of the Era of Love every being upon the Earth is beginning to erupt like
a volcano with fear. The presence of love signifies that fear or negativity cannot be present. This holds truth and yet
honestly we speak of the controlling, suffocating and disempowering influence of fear which is unable to be present. When
the love of the Creator is accepted more fully within all aspects of your being fear transforms into a powerful protector, yet
gentle and observant in its approach to instilling safety and a radiance of protection through your being. Fear no longer
warns you but simply asks you to be gentle and loving with yourself, being fully conscious at times. In order for the gentle
natural role of fear to manifest the controlling bulling aspect of fear must now be released and transformed. This is where
the image of you erupting like a volcano comes into play. All controlling and bulling aspects of fear that belittle your safety
and disempower you are coming to the surface to be recognised and released. This has been occurring for some time
now and is a natural experience when the presence of the love of the Creator is evolving. Fear is flowing from the depths
of your being, from long forgotten thoughts and experiences and even from areas you previously concluded had been
healed and transformed into love. In no way does this diminish your ascension process or the growth and expansion you
have achieved, it actually symbolises being at the edge of accepting a fuller, deeper, fulfilling love of the Creator in
existence within your being.
With such fears rising and bombarding you now, it will create emptiness within your being and especially at an emotional
level allowing a deeper resonance with love to move into and fill the space. Thus you will acknowledge, recognise and
perceive the beautiful love of the Creator in greater depth and resonance within and all around you. Please know you are
moving through a powerful process of overcoming the control and power of fear within your being and therefore your
reality. Let these fears erupt from within you, let them bombard you leaving their debris at the surface of your being and
awareness because you know by doing so you are hearing, sensing, seeing the natural magnetic pull of the Creator’s love
as you also realise you are magnetically attracting the love of the Creator to you from within and outside of you. Your
greatest realisation is you are so magnetic to the love of the Creator it is unstoppable; this is due to the fact you are the
Do you believe yourself to be strong enough to withstand the eruption of controlling fear within your being wishing to
escape? I honour and believe in you because you have the greatest tool and ability to greet each fear that rises; you can
greet fear with your unconditional love and acceptance as you gently usher it out the door.
The Era of Love vibration speaks much of encouraging the constant use of unconditional love and loving acceptance,
describing these actions, their existence within you and expression from you as the miracle master healers of your being.
The Era of Love encourages you to call upon its energy, consciousness and vibration asking to be supported completely
in cultivating, expressing, valuing and empowering your natural abilities of sharing unconditional love and loving
acceptance, first with yourself and then with others. Such a request can easily be placed by simply calling upon the purest
vibration and consciousness of the Era of Love to surround you, penetrate your being and to pour from within you. Then
simply express your request to be supported in exploring your abilities of unconditional love and loving acceptance in your
The Era of Love consciousness speaks to you and guides you; it is actually the new wisdom, the wisdom of the new age
coming forth to be accepted, embodied and to transform all from the old era into a civilisation dedicated to love. The Era
of Love simply invites you to listen and sense its energy, awaiting patiently its revelations of wisdom and enlightenment.
When addressing or experiencing the controlling or bulling aspect of fear you may wish to state:
‘Fear I greet you with unconditional love and loving acceptance, this is a safe space for all aspects of myself to exist in
harmony and loving truth. I honour you Fear for your protective and altering nature, I am thankful for your presence in my life
and I now release and let go of the controlling bulling, unneeded aspects of you Fear that disempowers me.  I heal and
balance you, Fear, with love so we can work in perfect harmony, empowering all that I am and all that the Creator is with
every present moment. Supported by the Era of Love, I am strong and empowered by love, easily and lovingly letting go of
disempowering Fear. Thank you and so it is.’
Then simply sit and imagine the fear being lovingly embraced in your miracle master healers; unconditional love and loving
acceptance. If the fear fills your entire being, let your entire being be embraced with your miracle master healers;
unconditional love and loving acceptance. Know unconditional love and loving acceptance require activating from the
heart chakra especially when controlling fear is present. Take a few moments to breathe in and out through your heart
chakra and say ‘I activate my miracle master healers; unconditional love and loving acceptance.’
It is important to remember and be conscious that when a disempowering fear arises it is a gift of accepting and
experiencing love, it is a part of your ascension process now and it is a moment to empower yourself, manifesting the Era
of Love for you and all.
With unconditional love and loving acceptance,
Mary Magdalene
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