My name is Mia Leventhal.

I am a handcraft artisan currently resettling in France.Born In N.Y, lived in several different countries, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, England.. in pursuit of a spiritual journey,  decided to form a Project by the name of “Aakhda”,which means “Together” in Ancient Arameic.This is the root language of Hebrew and Arabic aswell as the language spoken by Jesus Christ.

At this time and Place I feel a deep calling to put my energy into  planting seeds of Love ,reaching out to all to understand that we are all in this together..

The motives, initiatives and activities of  ‘Aakhda’  will be displayed here on the site,on the home page.

My first essential project within “Aakhda” is to teach creative recycling to Palestinian women to create handcrafted products that can be sold to aid in their income.Read more about this in my post “seeds of Love” :


If you would like to contribute to the welfare of these women by purchasing one of their creations, or products created either in collaboration or by myself to fund the project, please check my online shop where I offer them for sale :


Shops or organisations interested in larger quantities or for any further info please contact me at : Mia dot aakhda at yahoo dot com.


This space is a space of Love,it is non political and non debating, rather a river flowing and collecting momentum as it moves forward towards the sea ~ ~ ~


Lots of Love


Published on January 10, 2010 at 14:59  Comments (6)  

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  3. so beautiful ❤ my friend

    • Thank you Dear Sally-Anne ❤

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