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Seems like nothing has been going on around here..but believe me quite a lot much so, I havent been able to update here on the site!

I have returned recently from the film festival in Sarajevo,Bosnia where I had admitted my film “Planting seeds of Love”.Unfortunately it had not screened at the I had applied somewhat at the last minute and did not enter the published program informing the public of the film.



The film is based on my “Aakhda” project and its essence of Planting seeds of Love  aswell as promoting the message of Universal Love!

This trip was very interesting all the same..meeting many inspiring people and getting the chance to spread the message of the film..The message of universal Love..I was also interviewed by the local Bosnian newspaper about the project and film.
All in all I believe I have planted some more seeds of Love..and trust the journey of this project and film will evolve and find its way to more exposure..unto more light* ~  ~  ~   🙂

I will be happy to inform you of the future developments!

My interview in “Avaz” The Bosnian newspaper:

The link to the internet version of the article:

The translation of the article :

Experiencing unnecessary
tragedy”I want to shake up the stagnant fear in people that leads to the
continuous destruction”

Mia Levental (Leventhal), a visionary of peace,
producer of “sowing seeds of love”, a versatile artist. She writes poetry, she
is a painter and a major collector of antiquities, especially clothing. From
parents from different countries. Her mother is French, and an Egyptian
Her mother is a survivor of Nazi torture, and his father was a Jew
escaped from Egypt during the Nasser regime.
Although she encountered serious obstacles to the filming, in order to help her
Palestinian friends, she finished film before the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF
We are the

When did you start to act as a visionary of peace?

– I
believe that I have acted as a visionary of peace all my life. I’ve always been
disturbed by the disparity between people, attitudes of racism and prejudice,
fear and rejection of the other and different, resulting in severe pain for all
involved, the pain I felt in myself in every situation. I tried to do everything
in my power to create peace by trying to explain to people around me that there
is no need for strife, that we try to adopt a different and achieve harmony
which goes to benefit everyone involved.

What is your goal in this activity?- I want to elevate our
activities from the speech to action. I created a project called “Aakhda,” which
means “together” in the Aramaic language, spoken by Jesus Christ, a source
language of the Arabs and Jews. With this name I would like to invite all of us
in our common source, to accept each other.

Within this project I reach
my Palestinian sisters, embrace them and share their fate. I want to help them
believe in their own power to change your reality, teach them that from nothing
we can do something. Collecting discarded plastic bags of garbage and together
we create products from the strips of the bags. After that helps them sell these
products in order to obtain income.

In our joint action, we learned how
to get to know each other and we became close. The love I share with these women
is amazing. Together we learn, and we learn this great lesson about trust and
unconditional love. I believe that within my work one of the major goals have
been reached. When you approach another with a pure heart, releasing all fears,
you are also accepted with an embrace of a pure heart full of love and freed of
the defense. It is my belief, a source of peace, end war and the beginning of

Do you know whether in your country, people who want to build
bridges between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.- Yes, of course,
there are many people in Israel with a variety of initiatives that work with a
sincere attempt to create a bridge and a better reality. Unfortunately, their
efforts may not be as well known in the world because they prefer to invest in
their efforts wading through a lot of restrictive conditions in this difficult
reality, rather than invest in their own publicity.

Why do you think
people are so divided and why we live in such a reality?

– I think people
are afraid of the ‘other’ and different. Instead of finding out who this person
is, we now provide ourselves with further splitting, fearful that we will
compromise our identity or our own existence.

I believe that we are all
the same, the children of the same God. I believe that God put us here on earth
to be together. He created some of the differences between us that we can learn
from each other, not to inquire who is better. No one is better, superior, and
no one is less, inferior. Diversity is the beauty of our

Together we shall always be happier, stronger and create
beautiful things on this planet. Separation and fight leads only to

Why did you create the movie, “Planting seeds of
love”?- I felt it very important for people to see in their eyes, the
experience of love that I experience with the so-called. enemy. Warmth,
authenticity, trust, friendship …
Many people are still talking about the
situation and how it must change, but they remain alienated from others, not
knowing anything about them. It is necessary at this time of urgent work,
resort, accept …

By showing my true friendship that we have created
openness can influence others to understand that those others are not monsters
but human beings just like ourselves. I want to open hearts and eyes by seeing
the truth in this film.

What is the main theme and message of this

– My main goal is to instill the love between us. Break
long-standing reality in which the “enemy” is seen as “inhuman”. I want to shake
up the stagnant fear in people that leads to the continuous destruction. Harming
others, we hurt each other and nobody ever wins. In Acceptance of others we gain
a lot.

Not knowing our “enemies”, it is much easier to continue to
dehumanize him, which allows us to easily cope with the pain you have caused
him. But, getting to know the “enemy” who is our neighbor, who lives close to us
and that is so similar to us, and bringing people together with him, show that
we are experiencing needless tragedies that can be changed easier than we

Life in Jaffa, what is reality and the
environment?- Jaffa is one of the few cities in Israel where Jews,
Muslims and Christians live together. That is why I chose to live in this city.
In this co-existence we have the opportunity to learn more about each

Unfortunately, I have to say that there is still a lot of
separation between cultures, but at least there is a real life together, and the
opportunity to create a deeper connection. There are more activities that work
for this purpose. Personally, I am very lucky to have neighbors of different
cultures and try to approach them, by showing others that this is possible and

I know you do not like political issues, but whether, in your
opinion, need to be “Israeli spring” occurs in this period?

– Yes, the
truth is that I do not like to discuss politics, because I am not involved in
these events, nor pretends to understand them. I think and act from my heart and
believe that the rights of the interaction of harmony can be achieved only in
this way. Unfortunately, there are elements involved in the politics that create
an unnatural dynamics.

I’m not sure, but I believe it is necessary to
awakening in Israel and in the rest of the world. Awakening from our comfort
zone and accepting the authority of the game, understanding that we must not
give into this illusion of power, because the true power lies in the hands and
hearts of people. It is time to realize that we can and must create a change and
that it can no longer be delayed.

What are your impressions of Sarajevo?- In Sarajevo, I see beauty, but still
feel pain.Sarajevo is a beautiful jewel located in the Balkans. I see beauty, but I do feel pain. A city that
is reconstituted themselves and their beauty, yet still in pain… Slow healing
… Restoring trust. Also, I felt a smile of hope and desire of vitality to
restore the natural flow of life.

What do you want to achieve with this

– I would like to encourage people to believe and to open their
hearts. I would like to see the building of bridges and that the war can be
replaced by a warm embrace. Sharing the experience of genuine love I have with
my Palestinian sisters, I want to break the old stagnant perception of
difference, fear and the need for defense. My greatest hope is that this will
encourage others to continue the initiatives that we will slowly start to create
a better reality.

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