TOGETHER We Adhere to the LIGHT*



Dear Friends

I know these are very difficult times

Pain ,frustration and anger rise with our feeling of helplessness

In sight of so much destruction.

It is my belief

There is something to do

And that it is imperative

To Stand Tall and Adhere to Life Force

which is LOVE & LIGHT*.

Promoting this in whatever we do and say

Is what will help conquer the dark energy of destruction,

Welcoming everyone into the Light*.


It is crucial not to express our anger towards any group

Blaming, titling people with any terms, excluding, shaming or aggressing

will NOT serve the purpose of LIGHT*.


Find ways to process your anger

And invest an extra moment before you lash out.

If we really wish to aid Humanity

In releasing violence and destruction

We have to begin with ourselves.

Banning or attacking the “other” side in any way shape or form

Will only cause more antagonism, fear and anger

And this ,as you must see by now

Is a never ending vicious cycle which contributes to the Destruction

you are opposing.


For us to live in a Peaceful World

we must CREATE

This Peaceful World


By Embracing Everyone.

We must understand

We are all Created by the Divine


We are to Embrace ALL


Understand that there are those who are influenced

By fear and find themselves so separate from Source,

They are easily pulled into the Dark without even realising it

And that is exactly

What we do when we follow up now in our discourse.

ReActing in anger and fear

we Adhere to the DARK

without even Paying Attention…


Stay infinitely Tuned into your own Heart

Which is connected to DIVINE source ❤

Beam the Light* you have within you in every and anyway possible

Do not give into sadness,despair or spite

Find your Light* and Shine the best version of yourself that you can find

Shine like the Star that you are

For in this way

Others can be reminded of who they really are..


Look for the Good , the Light* in the other

And encourage it to Nourish and Grow.

Make every Intention

To find your Relaxed joyful Being

The one filled with Love

For the Creator

For life

For all beings.

From this place

You can then send out Healing to the World around you

With every Word and Gesture you offer as a gift of this LOVE.

The Energy you put out there

will contribute to Creating Our World

Let us Create A Beautiful World

Of Love & Light*

That which we all so wish for

We CAN do This NOW

I Know We can ❤

Much Love,