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My Brother on the other side poem, Arabic & Hebrew translation!

Dear Brothers and Sisters all over the world!
This poem of mine reaching out to the “other” is currently being translated to many languages to help dissolve barriers in different corners of the world!
Please feel free to share 🙂
Here is the Arabic & Hebrew translation !
Special thanx to Marianna Bulachki Trembovler for the Gorgeous layout!
*Image taken from my journey visiting my Palestinian sisters I work with through project Aakhda in the West Bank.

IMG_2454*click on image to view clearly

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#My Brother on the other side, I LOVE YOU
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Happy Eid & Hatima Tova




This year we have been blessed with a beautiful gift from the Universe.

A sacred holiday for the Jewish tradition coincides on the same day as the celebration of a Sacred Holiday in the Muslim tradition.Such a lovely occasion to celebrate our joint faith within our beautiful diversity.

As a Global Family we have been given many teachings, not to separate us but to represent the various colours of similar truths, so that we can all share our own versions and grow together towards the light.

I have written before how the essence of Yom Kipour in the Jewish tradition is very similar to the Ramadan in The Muslim Tradition.
Today we have an opportunity to share the same day in our dedication to our faith.

On Yom Kipour we devote ourselves to inner contemplation, through prayer and fasting during 24 hrs, reviewing our actions , repenting our sins and asking for forgiveness,after which we are said to be “signed in ” to the book of life..hence the term wished to one another “Hatima Tova” Good signing.

Eid Al Adha is devoted to the essence of Sacrifice based on Abraham`s readiness to sacrifice the life of his son to the request of God, aswell as his son`s readiness to sacrifice his own life, after which God spared his life.

The Test of Faith that was put to them both is of great significance and requires contemplation upon our readiness to sacrifice ourselves in our lives for our faith and for the sake of others.

It is my wish on this Joint Holy day that we share our faith and see the beauty in one another, joining together in contemplation upon our ways and our faith, remembering God has created us all in Love and aiding each other to grow  TOGETHER towards the Light of our Joint Creator, Amen.

Blessings to All

Much Love



He who loveth the creator/ Mia Leventhal

He who loveth

The Creator
Loves all
He has Created.
Our Neighbors
Are our Brothers to Creation,
Intended to
Complete our Existence,
Living side by side in Harmony.
Just as
The Sea Completes
The Earth
And the Air Completes
The Flower`s Birth.
Once we surrender
To Love
We shall then Understand
The Secret of Creation
And Find
Peace and Serenity.
Original Poem written by myself in Hebrew:
האוהב את בורא העולם
אוהב את כל בריאתו.
שכנינו הם אחינו לבריאה
ונבראו להשלמת קיומינו על פני האדמה
כשם שהים משלים את היבשה
והאויר משלים את הפריחה
כך גם אנו נועדנו
לחיות זה לצד זה
ברגע שנבין
ונכנע לאהבה
אז נגלה
את סוד הבריאה
ונמצא את השלום והשלווה..
מיאה לבנטל

Parcels of Love ~

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*Taken from my poetry site Soul Revelations

Prayers for Fathers /Beki Nagle

How precious is this prayer.. may men find healing for the little boys inside them..may we all send them love for they can shift the present chaotic energies of anger and frustration to LOVE Amen ❤
Thank you so Much Beki Nagle!





I pray
for all the fathers
and the men
with lost little boys
deep inside them

May their wounds
be healed
may they finally feel
safe and loved and held

I pray, that they
will step in to their strength
will live
wholly in their hearts
allow their shine
to light the way
for their children

Children who need them
to show them
to teach them
that life embraces
them with Love
that fear can
be overcome

I pray, that they
will begin to be
comfortable enough
brave enough
secure enough
to express Truth
however tough

To step off
the carousel of history
to shake it off
and forge a new path
a new way

So their babies
need never feel lost
but will grow in love
and not forget
that love
is what they are

I pray
for all the fathers
and the men
with lost little boys
deep inside them

May their wounds
be healed
may they finally feel
safe and loved and held

Amen ❤

Beki Nagle

Love Surround/ Charlie Riverman Bergeron




Thank you Dear Charlie for yet another pearl of beauty inspiring us to surround ourselves with Love ❤




Love Surround

May the mysteries of love
surround you
encasing you in a translucent
ball of light
wrapping your soul in satin
and silk
Forever presenting you with
sparks of bliss
to ignite the passion
that you are

Let that passion lead you
to the pastures of life
where joy and peace abide
Letting you forget the pain
and the suffering
of the road you have traveled

Allow that gentle pasture
to caress you with her
embrace and sing to you

Never forget you are loved
Never feel you are abandoned
for you are more precious
than you will ever know

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8/21/2010