This Wound/Mia Leventhal

20180427_103242this wound signed

This wound
Shall Burst Open

Shall pour Love onto it

A sigh
Will Turn
To a cry
Will flow
As Golden Elixir
Washing away
The pain
From its debris

This wound will slide
Into the abyss
And turn to Bliss
For we have given it
Our sweetest kiss
From the Depths of our Souls
Blessed by the Divine
Never to be dismissed

This wound
Shall Heal
For we have
Poured our Love
Into it
You and I

I Carry the Eternal Flame



I shall not bow
My head in shame
For I carry the Eternal Flame
You may have tried to
Twist and own
But you cannot take
From me
What you have lost
along the way

I shall not bow
My head in shame
I shall Shine my Light
Stronger than ever
So that
You too
Can remember
Your Name/
Mia Leventhal

* Note: To All those who have been used to following me here on Aakhda
Im sorry I have not been around so much
I have been mostly devoted to writing Motivation articles designed to heal and uplift based on messages I channel and create,which I post regularly on my other blog:
Otherwise project Aakhda remains close to my heart and I am hoping to have the opportunity to develop again as soon as possible
Blessings to All

Life after Trauma


If you`ve been through a traumatic experience lately this message is for you.

The Universe is currently shaking things up for all of us in order to let go of old ways and introduce new ways of light.
This can be very destabilizing at the very least and extremely painful at worst..
This shocking experience can also have triggered old experiences, old wounds, old pain, making it feel like an unsurmountable mountain.And uncomfortable as it is, it was designed to dig in and allow you to clear all that old density out.

These times are not easy but so essential for the evolution of our souls.Not every aspect makes sense at the moment but shall in time.
At the moment what is more important is to focus on You and the way you Deal with this, for within the way you deal lies your evolution,your reconnection to your soul’s inner Light.Within you lies a strength that you may not have known you had, but it is there, ready to have you tap in and resource yourself.
Allow yourself the time needed to Nurture and Heal.
It is possible that the understanding and warmth you need from your surroundings is not exactly there as you need.Thats OK. You Got this.
You CAN do this.
The territory may even seem familiar
Maybe even in a sad way, but rest assured you have gained tools and you know exactly how to nurture and take care of yourself in the way that makes you the most comfortable.
That is called Love, Self Love, and that is absolutely Beautiful and exactly what is needed for us to connect to our light beings for when you connect to this source and know exactly what to give yourself , you know exactly what to give another in their time of need.You feel empowered and able to carry yourself in a more confident way ready to encounter that which may, enabling you a new lease on life, a new sense of freedom, eager to dive deeper into life knowing that there’s someone who has your back,

While taking the time to heal, allow yourself bit by bit to reconnect to joy.
There are no rules , but times are changing and the Universe has processes accelerated at the moment, dont judge yourself if even for a moment youre having fun , and dont worry if youre feeling down one minute after..its all ok..and its all part of the process..just Allow and you’ll see things smoothing along sooner than you thought.The more you Allow moments of Joy, the more you can ride them out into a New Reality.The less you pause and think with your mind and judge (only to imprison yourself in suffering) ,the more you Allow the flow of Life to embrace you.
Your joy can be moments soaking up a sun ray, gazing at a tree or reading some beautiful poetry.Let Beauty in and allow your pain to breathe as well, both have their respective right
And suddenly you will see the sting dissolve and the Beauty in all will take place, breathing in and out, Night becomes Day and Day becomes Night and all is in perfect Harmony.And So it is.Amen
Much love
Healing Blessings

*These messages are originally created for a series of guidance on my Journal :
Sometimes I feel directed to share on this site as guidance towards healing ourselves indeed creates healing for Humanity as we learn to empower ourselves and help others.

Allowing ~


If anyone is feeling intensity today, just remember to Allow
Allowing any and all emotions flow through you..dont question, analyze or resist.. just be extra gentle with yourself and trust that this too shall pass..embracing the whole of you is giving yourself the love you wish to be given and the love you wish to give..start with you..
The more you Allow..the more will wash through and away.. leaving the brilliant shining star that you are.. so happy that you knew to be there for you .. and ready to be there for others in times of need                                This is how we create peace..
Can you be accepting embracing and caring to yourself today ?
Sending Love to All

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Tonight I Howl For Humanity



Transform into Light*


Unfettered / Dell Livingston

And if we were to listen to our natural instincts and feel our emotions in such a way that we connect, honor and express them in a healing liberating way.. how healing that would be to all of Humanity..? How lovely it would be to return to the pack with clearer life energy… ?
Thank you so much Dell Livingston for such a beautiful poem embracing our pain as our healing it.. in tune with nature.. ❤




Art by Dorothy Riley


Sometimes, perhaps,
we should go out to the full moon,
and howl like
unfettered wild things.
Howl our torment
as nature intended.
Howl into the ether.
Howl until our pain
is washed away
by bright rivers
of liquid moonlight.
Howl until we feel
a place deep within us widen,
and tendons lengthen,.
feel our breath become slow
and deep.
Only then do we go
back into the forest.
Return to our lair,
We turn around seven times,
and drop down gently
into peaceful sleep.

~   copyright 
Dell Livingston 2011

Gentle Healing

Today is a day for Gentle Healing..much has been happening in the way of Astrological events which has brought a lot of shake ups in our lives..globally and personally
Many of us are left hurting..wounded..shocked..overwhelmed by events that have shaken our striving sense of stability.

Try to Breathe Deeply and Release the Need to Understand..Analyse..Find solutions and practical results..
Try to Breathe in your Personal inclination to finding your Peace and Well being.. Regardless of any Event taking place around you..

Disconnect if you will.. though this is not an escape in the normal sense.. It is an Escape to your Truth..

Because your Truth Is Your Well being and the knowledge that All is Well Despite ..

Breathe and Find the Real You beneath all those layers of trying to adapt to the outer world..

Inside your Core Being.. You Know your Place of is Peace..Be there..

Glide into this place being Gentle with yourself..

Take a pause

Do something tender sweet and pleasing for yourself

Find a place of quiet

Find solace and join the healing rhythm of Nature

Find a source of Water and allow the gliding softness wash away the negative..

Light a candle and invite spirit to join and comfort you

Breathe in a soothing aroma of a favorite essential oil

Hold a healing crystal that appeals to you

Stop all you`re doing and go get yourself a wholesome treat

Take a break and do something fun

Be kind to yourself

Pamper yourself in anyway that brings you joy…


Be like the Water around the stones that appear in your way

Glide around them by taking a small Pause and being Gentle with Yourself

When you return to “Reality”

You will see it will be Softened .. Healed..

Or maybe You will Be  🙂

*Update : WHat do YOU do to heal?
Share with us so we can All learn from Eachother 🙂

Listen to the sound/ Mia Leventhal

Listen to the sound
That comes from the ground
Allow the water flow
Gently carry you to know
To release all fear
As Peace is so near…
* Poem taken from my Poetry site Soul Revelations
Take time out to enjoy this soothing sound of Water…
Much Love,
*Article taken from my blog :Kahliyalogue :

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