Let us Unite / Allayah

Thank you Allayah for your Beautiful uplifting message encouraging us to find peace within ourselves and to spread from our light* ❤
“let us unite and let light and love fill the earth” ~ Allayah
Listening to so much tragic events on this planet–what has been repeating in my mind is let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me..All of you are unique souls-beings of light awakening to your lights–step back from the emotions of the group consciousness that fills the earth–breathe and trust in your hearts that you have a choice in this life–do not let fears enter as you then add your emotions to the collective energy. instead stand in love and be–such a important task especially now. Make the choice not to add to the fears and upsets instead see and feel peace. what have you got to lose except a change in the world and discover how powerful your heart light is in this world. I was asked to sit and write this note–use your hearts discernment.. we have choice but we need to change ourselves into lights of peace and love–let us unite and let light and love fill the earth–just make the choice to see and feel peace in the midst of all and watch the results–the divine mother collective energy thru Allayah
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