“The longing”- Personal testimonial by Mia leventhal



How does one describe the longing.. to a place and reality that does no more exist..? The land is there.. the olive trees and even some of the dates.. that air.. the sea breeze.. the spices.. the exuberant lively energy is still more or less there.. but what happened..? The bitterness took hold.. the separation set in.. how can there be truly joyous flow with so much resentment suspicion and hate..?
And then there`s the greed.. oh… that was there from the beginning was it not..? Ever since the Golden calf.. and even before.. time and time again prophets were there to shake us up.. and set us free from our attachment to the material which blinds us from the faith, beauty and love.. but where are we now..? Ever so further away from our pure souls and the love of our brothers which should be that which reigns, celebrating all this abundant beauty together..
Cast away by choice.. torn between my love of the land, during a time that once was, where my love of my sisters was embraced, not chased.. and my need to create my own space..

Yes.. I know within my bones I have walked the stones of this land in another era.. I can feel it sometimes on certain visits, in special corners where that energy of pure love is still preserved.. taking me back…leaving me so grateful that these corners and people are there.. gatekeepers of an existence gone and yet to come…Inshalla.. Lu Yehi.. Amen..
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