My Brother on the other side- Israel Palestine Video

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May we Always Hear the Souls of our Brothers & Sisters on the other side..
‪#‎My‬ Brother on the other side

My Brother on the other side, a poem I wrote to express love and brotherhood to the ”other” on the other side, a fraternity and unity despite borders and illusions of separation.
In this Video Israelis and Palestinians read this poem to their Brothers & Sisters on the other side, in their own language.

Jumma Mubarak
Shabbat SHalom
Blessed Weekend to ALL on ALL SIDES
We Are ONE
Much Love, Mia

My brother On the Other Side Poem, Persian & Hebrew Translation!

How Exciting!
# My Brother On the Other Side Poem Translated to Persian & Hebrew!
Thank you Azi Parssian for the translation to Persian !
Thank you Marianna Bulachki Trembovler for the Lovely Layout!
Image taken by myself of Jaffa SeaSide
Stay Tuned to More Translations and exciting Surprises!
All Designed to deliver the Message of LOVE Across the GLOBE!
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