Unification / Kelly Lynn

Thank you so much Kelly Lynn for a very interesting perspective on the bridge of unification through forgiveness!

By Kelly Lynn
Unification is the BRIDGE to Oneness. As we work to shift our levels of mind ~ conscious, subconscious, unconscious, super conscious, and Higher conscious ~from separation onto the foundation of healing Light, which requires the participation in Life as indicated through forgiveness, then we are stepping onto the bridge of unification.

As we begin MOVING across that bridge, which is to participate WITH one another in the spirit of togetherness, we experience more truth of ourselves that, then, becomes more Awareness, and as we progressively experience ourselves through unification, moving closer and closer toward the end of the bridge, becoming more and more aware, we begin to see beyond the horizon of unification standing the Love of Life that, then, asks we surrender unification for Oneness.

Unification is a bridge, an important bridge to engage and cross. It is part of the process of transformation into higher dimensions of Awareness and Love, and it requires the participation of growing closer to one another by the means of forgiveness in all the ways we are each uniquely inclined and Divinely Guided to more deeply connect and with whom we are uniquely inclined and guided to more deeply connect.

As we cross the Bridge of Unification and step beyond it, we RE-MEMBER or RE-HARMONIZE ourselves as one Body, we REMEMBER Who WE, together, really are of One Mind and One Heart, as well as remember what Oneness really means beyond the parameters of a 3d//4d mind of which Oneness could never conceive and perceive.