Interdependance ~


Today I was reminded of Humility, Kindness and our Human Interdependance
I currently live in a small village in the South of France.I dont have a car and rely on the bus service to get into nearby towns, a service which sometimes works out and sometimes not.. 😊
As I realised this morning that Ive been misinformed and have been waiting on a bus that will not come, I was worried about missing an important appointment in town.
Then came a schoolbus collecting the kids for school, I hesitated to ask because I remember from prior occasions they dont tend to take on individuals but one glimpse at the face of this driver made me feel she seems nice, so I asked.
She’s going to the other town, she replied and I left walking home trying to figure out what to do..and then she honked calling me back..she said exceptionally after dropping the kids off she will be going to the other town
If I wouldnt mind joining the ride.
I gleamed! She was my Angel for today!
During the drive we started a very pleasant conversation..she mentioned a phrase I use so often “There are no chances, things are designed from above” I gleamed even more..she speaks my kind of language..
I shared with her how I hesitated to ask her and how I felt pushed to take the chance especially as I felt she was a nice person.
She then also shared that she had ‘felt’ me too and after I walked away she thought about how nicely I asked and about my accent meaning I may need extra help, not being from here.
That point touched me the most..the understanding that someone who may not be from here may need extra help rather than feel wary of them..
She then told me how much she believes in solidarity and shared some of her own similar experiences of need.
I think sometimes we dont realise how much we need each other!
When I had felt the dissapointment earlier, I couldnt help but use the phrase “why is this happening?”
I took all the necessary measures to make sure about the timetable
And then in the bus I received my answer.. Its not a question of control..its a matter of a certain Humility in our Human Existence.. to Trust.. the Universe..and our fellow Brothers and Sisters here with us..trusting their kindness..and understanding through these experiences how much no matter how we are organised..we are interdependant on each other..
We must step out of our own bubbles and the more we do so the more we can understand others and how much we are similar and interconnected.
This was such a beautiful moment and I wished to show her my gratitude.
I had remembered I prepared some vegan Sweet Potato muffins and had taken them with me for my day in town.
Its funny but I recalled thinking to myself I have a feeling I will be offering one to someone today!
I was suddenly happy I took extra care and wrapped each it felt extra special..
And yay, I felt this warmth in me as I offered her one..something made by my hands and care that I can offer her. I was even more thrilled when she said you know Im fasting at the moment as Im headed for a blood test and this will be the first thing I eat as soon as its done.
I felt this warmth in my heart.
This Human experience..
Can be so Beautiful..


Happy Eid

Blessings to All those celebrating!

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Tisha be Av ~


Today is “Tisha Be Av”
A very important Day in the Jewish tradition even though not everyone acknowledges it as such.
It is a fast day which commemorates the Destruction of the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem along with other tragedies, and  is considered the saddest day in Judaism.
It is also associated with the story of the “Golden Calf” in which Moses was to descend from the mountain with the “Ten Commandments”, representing the Laws of God, only to find his people worshiping a “Golden Calf” instead, who then, in response,threw them to the ground breaking them in anger.

This ”side story” represents to me personally the True reason behind this day which is to be remembered and after which each and every tragedy was merely a reminder that the Message of Refusing the Law of God and worshiping the “Golden calf” still exists till this day..
Definitely a sad day..Sadness comes mainly because this Message is not yet apprehended..for so many of us..

Regardless of Religion, for we are all God`s children ..It is my Wish today and every day that we Do Understand the Reason of our Existence is Love..Loving He who has Created us All ,as Loving All who He has Created..We are ALL Connected and ALL to be Respected..
Our Focus on Ourselves or on our own Tribe is not Respectful of  our Creator, of Creation or of our Existence..

There is no “Golden calf” that will Create us..but the Grand Creator Himself who has Created us All in LOVE and Respect, for we ALL carry a Seed of Divinity within US.

It is time for us to Wake up.. and See We Are a Global Family.
Destructing any of us affects the whole.. and we are then forever bound in suffering..

Wake up to LOVE One ANother and see YOUrself in the Other, who ever he may be.
OPEN your Hearts to the Grand Secret of CREATION and Accept the BOUNTIFUL Existence that is provided to Us All, once we Adhere and Hear the CAll..



Much Love


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