Merry Christmas and Happy New year

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Much Love


A very special trip


These days I have returned from a miraculous trip

As some of you may know its been a while since Ive last travelled, as I have focused all my energy on making a new start for myself here in the south of France..

Ive been wanting so much to write about this trip but alas words fail the experience or shall I say experiences were so rich and intense I really dont think I can fully describe at this time.
One thing I know for sure..I was on a mission..and the layers of meaning to this mission will continue to enfold with time, as I make the effort to ”land” back into my normal daily life..
Hardly anyone knew about this trip as I knew I would not be able to see all the people I so wish to see..and funny enough I did plan to document at least some important points and encounters, but I surprised even myself by wishing to flow with the experience to its fullest and not withdraw any tiny bit by taking out the camera etc..

So there it is ..all it was supposed to be I guess..

This was a very personal trip
To four places in which I have left parts of me ..and which have left parts within me.
This was a special journey to close circles of past seal, to heal and to allow new openings of growth.
I am deeply connected to these places and will forever be..Israel..Palestine..Cyprus and Turkey.
As I walked my personal pursuit of uncovering, discovering and recovering..I rediscovered parts of me which I have had to put aside along the way..all coming back together to fully form who I Truly AM.
Yes..I am ready to become who I truly Am.
I am excited, emotional and even still a bit disoriented as I fully blend and mend all my lost pieces..but I am truly Grateful.
And yet..this is not only a personal story..but through my own experiences , especially as I moved from one place to the other the following day, I have felt how close we are..and yet how far..
As I hugged a person in one place one day and had a warm conversation, the next day I was already the next place with such a similar experience..similar conversation..similar warmth..similar laughter and tears…how can we really think we are so different..?
While one day I was searching for gifts or tasting foods representing one culture, the next day I was in the ”other” place doing the same thing..feeling the same ..absorbing the same energy from the experience..
Many a times I had wished to zoom in and document all of show ALL how we are the same..with our beautiful uniqueness..we are the same..the same worries..the same laughter..the same tears and the same joy..

As long as I exist
I will continue my mission

to strive to bring us ALL BACK TOGETHER = AAKHDA (“Together” in Ancient Arameic)


Definitely to be continued..














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Higher Space


The Other side of Love ~


My Brother on the other side- Israel Palestine Video

Checkout Aakhda`s New Video !
May we Always Hear the Souls of our Brothers & Sisters on the other side..
‪#‎My‬ Brother on the other side

My Brother on the other side, a poem I wrote to express love and brotherhood to the ”other” on the other side, a fraternity and unity despite borders and illusions of separation.
In this Video Israelis and Palestinians read this poem to their Brothers & Sisters on the other side, in their own language.

Jumma Mubarak
Shabbat SHalom
Blessed Weekend to ALL on ALL SIDES
We Are ONE
Much Love, Mia


Dear Brothers & Sisters!
Great News!
I Have opened an online shop to offer Aakhda`s Tshirts Carrying a Message of Love to Our Brother/ Sister On the Other Side ,based on my poem “My Brother On the Other Side”

Let`s end the illusion of separation,carrying a Message to the ‘Other’ spreading our love worldwide to Unite!
Let`s Carry the Message Out there!
Tshirts can be Purchased Here:

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Join our community of Global LOVE ~

Sisters & Brothers!  JOIN our community of GLOBAL LOVERS
REACH OUT to the OTHER on the OTHER SIDE and show them Were ALL ON THE SAME SIDE
Check out Aakhda`s current campaign carrying the message of love trespassing borders!
THANK YOU to ALL those Endlessly Supporting Project Aakhda and Believe in the purity of Intention promoting the Message of LOVE 1378525_10152649894142883_6462948576039886777_n

Thank you Sonja Jetter for carrying the Message of Love to Israel & Palestine, preserving a moment of Love Trespassing Borders at the wall with Israeli & Palestinian friend Breaking through the illusion of separation ❤ WE ARE ONE ❤


Join us!
Get your Tshirt today! :

My Brother on the other side poem, Arabic & Hebrew translation!

Dear Brothers and Sisters all over the world!
This poem of mine reaching out to the “other” is currently being translated to many languages to help dissolve barriers in different corners of the world!
Please feel free to share 🙂
Here is the Arabic & Hebrew translation !
Special thanx to Marianna Bulachki Trembovler for the Gorgeous layout!
*Image taken from my journey visiting my Palestinian sisters I work with through project Aakhda in the West Bank.

IMG_2454*click on image to view clearly

Join Me!

Come`on come`on come`on!

Sisters and Brothers! Lets Rock this World with LOVE

JOIN ME in carrying the Message of LOVE to All corners of the World ! No More Separation! WE ARE ONE
2 weeks to go for Aakhda`s Campaign based on my poem
#My Brother on the other side, I LOVE YOU
Carrying the Message of Love out there and help fund Aakhda`s projects! DIGITAL CAMERA

ReLaunch #My Brother on the otherside I Love You Campaign!

Happy to Announce the relaunch of # My Brother on the other side I Love You Tshirt Campaign by Aakhda
Designed to carry the Message of Brotherly Love trespassing borders, based on the poem which I wrote as a result of the illusion of separation
and the ongoing violence going on All across the Globe.
My Brother on the other side/Mia Leventhal
My Brother on the other side
I have seen you fly
And you have seen me cry
We have nothing more to hide
Overcome the barriers of ignorance,
Created by our fellow people,
Hate in our hearts,
Will never reside
Hold my hand
And let us step up together,
Paving the way for a Brighter,
United Future.

I wish to offer us a possibility to carry a Message out there , Spreading our Love for the ”other” regardless of who he may be,
for we are All one big Family
Revenues from this product will help me fund Project Aakhda in which I am Dedicated to promote the Message of Love Among All.
View more about my project here:
Thank you for joining in spreading the message
We Are One
Much Love





*Image taken from my journey to the WestBank to see My Palestinian Sisters which I work with in Project Aakhda.


*Please Feel free to share the link to the campaign , Lets Spread the LOVE to All corners of the World!