Thank you Montana!


Thank you Montana Rakefet Billings for supporting project Aakhda as well as for all you do to promote Peace!

*Note: If you wish to support project Aakhda by purchasing a Tshirt spreading a message of Love to our Brothers and Sisters Trespassing all Borders, Visit:


Dear Brothers & Sisters!
Great News!
I Have opened an online shop to offer Aakhda`s Tshirts Carrying a Message of Love to Our Brother/ Sister On the Other Side ,based on my poem “My Brother On the Other Side”

Let`s end the illusion of separation,carrying a Message to the ‘Other’ spreading our love worldwide to Unite!
Let`s Carry the Message Out there!
Tshirts can be Purchased Here:

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Message of Love ~

301447_265422570149760_3611962_n rsz


I was born in the states, and at the age of 10, we moved to Israel. 
When I was old enough to be called adult..I set out to the world.. as a Harmony seeking Artist I felt there must be more to life than the endless stress I felt in Israel due to the conflict. 
At a certain point I have lived in Turkey, and even though everyone around me knew I was promoting peace and showing how we resemble each other..I was attacked verbally and then physically for being Jewish..and even though I did not want to..I had to flee and found myself back in Israel. 
I was devastated..and set out on some more inner soul searching for answers..I spent a few days at a favorite Monastery near Jerusalem for some quiet time..during that time there was a an important Palestinian Christian priest on visit just before leaving his post. 
That night I had felt his soul calling to me and saying..” we need your help”.. and then I connected the dots.. 
I had always been so frustrated by the situation..yet never had the courage to say or do anything about it..thinking I was not powerful enough.. 
I had then received several ”messages” from the spirit world telling me..this is it..your have been called back here to do something..and you are totally capable..

I suddenly realised how we are all connected..and how misunderstanding this creates suffering for us all ..all over the globe..there is a need to promote the message of Love..between us all..for we are All One ❤

And then I started..with a small voice but a huge will..I started talking to people asking how can I implement a project I have to help Palestinian women.. 
One thing led to another..and I found myself “crossing the border” to the other the so called “enemy” a Palestinian front of a group of women…looking at me and waiting to hear what I have to say.. 
And there I was..I couldnt believe myself..I had never believed I would see myself teach or speak as I was always so shy..but the passion within me was set free..I was shining..I was shining all my love to these women..and they in turn were fully listening and smiling quickly we were hugging and laughing together..and I had my dream..I shared LOVE with these women who were perceived by others as my enemy.. and all I wanted was for the whole world to see and shine with me..

Life has since then threw my around a bit, and after a difficult personal experience, I am living in France now, where I have lived for quite a while a few yrs back and where part of my family roots are from, starting my life anew, picking up again on my handcraft business as well as the project I have promoting peace and aiding these women with recycled handcraft that I have taught them and their own traditional crafts. 
I am hopeful I can continue to show the world this love and contaminate All..for we are ALL One .. 

Read More about the project here, here and here


“Some say love it is a river
That drowns the tender reed
Some say love it is a razor
that leaves your soul to bleed
some say love it is a hunger
an end less aching need
I say love it is a flower
and you it’s only seed
It’s the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance
It’s the dream afraid of waking
that never takes the chance
It’s the one who won’t be taken
who cannot seem to give
and the soul afraid of dyin’
that never learns to live
When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been too long
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong
just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed that with the sun’s love
in the spring becomes the rose “


Much Love, 

Open Hearts / Charlie Riverman

Absolutely stunning message to open our Hearts ~
Thank you Charlie Riverman



*Click on Image to enlarge



“May Unconditional Love be constant in guiding us in our evolution!

In this world which is now changing forever, let us open our hearts as wide as possible.
May we perceive each other through the lens of our hearts, rather than the eyes and mind.” cRb 2013

Embracing Humanity ~





If we keep blaming one side or the other we are not embracing Humanity and not allowing it to return to its Natural state of Love.. those who bring terror are planting fear and shaking up communities that just want to live, breathe, eat, sleep and smile..May we be what aid we can to shake off the fear and let All know we see their light and we embrace their existence..for we are ALL created in LOVE  Amen




The More we insist on Infusing ALL with Love ..the FEAR dissolves and makes room for the LIGHT which was always there and we just didnt see as we were carried away by all these messages designed to keep us in fear and darkness..NOw is the time To wake up from this nightmare and BE LOVE and spread from this LOVE out into the Universe ..we can but be contaminated and release what is trying to be thrown upon us

LETS STAND UP TODAY AND BE the LIGHT And LOVE In which We were created


Much Love to ALL

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I live my Dream



I would like to share with you something personal..very personal..

Yesterday I made a special sale

I sold a combined order of 6 embroidered pouches made by my Palestinian sisters with whom I work as part of my Project Aakhda, within my original Mother project “Kahliya

These pouches I was told by my customer, will be gifts for the bridesmaids at a Palestinian wedding in the states, a lovely reminder of Palestinian culture.

I burst into tears..

I was so moved I could not even begin to explain to this customer..

This ..was so beautiful..a beautiful sign from the Universe confirming my efforts..


These days once again there is such a horrible situation of war between Israel and Palestine..once again I remain overwhelmed ..frustrated and helpless..wishing I could with a whiff of my wand remind everyone that we are all here in the name of Life and Love, not destruction..

No..I did not stop the war with this interaction..

But I planted more seeds of Love, the Target I have set out to do, from the beginning of my Journey..

I`ve created more hope for the women I work with.. Delivered their message of Being, of Creating, of Existence..Ive planted another inch in Promoting the Message of Love from within our Collaboration which is born and developed in Love and Ive contributed to the continuation of a culture on this earth. I`ve been a link of love in the preservation of this people and the preservation of LOVE between People..and I feel Honored.


1393712_10152090742385854_393879209_n (1)



This has been a very long  journey, one of many obstacles.. ever since I`ve set out on the path to Promote Love and Peace..

But at the end of the day..I know my Truth and I can but live fully and purely by it..for it is my Birth Purpose and my Contract with the Divine, the reason for Being here, for having Been Created.. I shall walk this path even if at times I stumble, but I shall never please another master but my Soul -Seed of the Divine. I am here to serve Humanity as best I can, and God is my only witness. My Goal is to bring us all back to the LOVE in which we are created and see that we are all connected and all needed in this family of Creation. We all play a beautiful part in the diversity of this Global family and it is in respecting each other that we all deserve our place in this space.


Today I shall Die to All that is a Lie/Mia Leventhal

I shall Die
To All
That is a Lie

Today I shall Die
To all which
Allows me not
To fly

Today I shall
look you straight
In the eye
If ye
Shall not meet me there
I shall not sigh,
Nor shall I cry.

For I have mountains
To climb
Rivers to swim
My companion
The Blessed sun in the sky.

Today I shall Die
To All that is a lie
I shall never again
Ask why ~



I consider myself a resident of the world as I respect All and derive from many cultures fragments of the truth that resonates with me. My origins are Jewish and I have lived in Israel where I have begun with the project Aakhda, and where my family continues to live today.

My love for the Palestinian people is as my love for “my” people as is for ALL people..

My Love is for ALL.

We share this existence and no one owns any land just as we dont own the air we breathe for it is all given to us by the creator and we all deserve a part in it to exist in security respectfully of everyone else.

I believe we share this land and we are to love and blossom in it with brotherly love just as the air the water and the trees on it and I believe it is in Israel`s interest as well as the Palestinians for Palestine to thrive alongside Israel and collaborate with eachother for this region to become the beautiful pearl it is meant to be.. we are the seeds that we plant and We Need to Plant Seeds of Love Beauty and Collaboration.





I am here for you/Mia Leventhal

I am here for you

My Brother,

I have returned to know you

My Sister.

I have come to hold your hand.

This may be my land

but it is yours too

just as we share

the same God

Me & You.

I promise to do my best

to help you stand straight

we shall always eat

from the same plate.

If you take my hand

we will show the others

what true Love is all about.

If you allow me

to walk by your side

we shall prove the errors

of our Brothers,

without a doubt.



Although I do not live there today,my personal journey has taken me back to France recently, where I used to live before, I intend to do what I can to help promote this understanding and help Palestinians in what I can to have a fruitful existence next to the Israelis both in respecting each other, as well as my desire to continue to promote the same seeds of Love and Respect all over the Globe for all people for we are All brothers and sisters.


And yet.. I am a small human with my own journey and challenges, but I can only resolve to my intention doing what I can when I can.

Unfortunately ,since I have started with my project I have encountered a series of personal traumatic events which have thrown me off my horse repeatedly to a point I feared if and how I could really hold to my promise.I have also feared the girls I work with will believe I have let them down..but I have never let go of my vision no matter what I went through and in my heart I stayed totally connected.Ive been extremely touched to see on several occasions how they not only understood me but played an active part in supporting me with their love in some of my difficult moments, which further reinforced to me the sincerity and preciousness of this bond of true love we have which transcends culture, land, religion, language, time and distance..

I have only been here in France a year and it has taken me most of this time to heal from prior events, strengthen and begin to re establish myself and Kahliya .

This is also why I am so touched and excited by this special kind of interaction, for at this symbolic time the Universe is sending me a confirmation for my efforts , Now is the time to pick up and continue my endeavor planting seeds of love and light in the midst of this turmoil,.

Now that perhaps I feel in some ways more ”alone”, after having had to let go of  the sense of “belonging”  in so many ways all for the purpose of pursuing my truth,yet stronger than ever as I am ever so more with ME and my growing link with the Divine.

I am no longer divided, I am complete and whole with my Divine purpose and I shall continue to do what I can to deliver this message of Love

I let go of any obstacle including those within me, that hinder my path for this is a crucial time to help bring us all TOGETHER as ONE.


I live my Dream / Mia Leventhal

I dream a dream,
I live my dream…
Can you see me beam?

Dreaming of more beauty
in this world,
and what I wish to see..

I dream a more fascinating dream
that of being more fully me.

This is the dream
I choose to live.

I love being me..


If you wish to read more about project Aakhda you can here ,  here and here

Please consider supporting this endeavor and joining your own energy into its intention of Planting Seeds of Love by either purchasing one of our collaborated products to help fund the project and aid in the welfare of these women or simply by sharing and spreading the word of the existence of this project.

Aakhda`s products at Kahliya`s online shop will gradually continue to grow, so feel free to stop by and browse anytime you like.. Please note that since I am a humble individual taking on this endeavor I have no supportive funds to fuel this activity, so any purchase made in the shop, even those of my personal creations will also help fuel my activity for Aakhda.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all Love and Peace Amen

Much Love







Appeal to fund Project AAKHDA

Dear Friends,

Project AAKHDA is in need of funding and is currently launching an appeal on “Indiegogo“:

The Link on Indiegogo :

Please take a moment to read all about my wish to continue working with these women and manifest this dream of  generating a cycle of love, that can, to my belief, create ripples of energy  in the region and throughout the world, healing our current global chaotic situation.

Please consider taking part of this in any way possible to you, either by any small donation , purchase of their products or spreading the word about the project or the Fundraising Campaign by sharing the links with others to your friends or on your sites.
Thank you very much for your time

Much Love