I am the Star I have wished for ~

full-moon-kahliya star

Within the search between
That which is True
And that which is fake
I stay
I may shake
But I shall not break
For I am the Star
I have wished For.
Through this vessel
I have come from StarDust
To shine
And shed,
And Shine
More than ever before
For my spark and all of my Brethrens core.
With the power of our pure Light
We have the might
To Shine Together
And cease fight
Honoring our Creator
Who has allowed us the choice.
May we find our True sight.
Calling All sparks of Creation
Let us glue back Together
And form that Star Kingdom
Shining back to the skies..

Peace in our Hearts


Dear friends,
These days in many corners of the world the belly of humanity is attempting to evoke all that is hidden within it that separates us from our true Divine essence of Love and of belonging to each other, all that separates us from each other and from our creator, for the deeper target of once again bringing unity, brotherhood and Love.The process is painful as is any and all processes of painful wound clearing, but in this process we get to see how far away so many of us have come from ourselves and from our true essence of Love. Without Love, we cannot exist.No Money No “Power” no separation and no Greed can truly possess the essence of Creation. There are no winners in the game of destruction for all destruction leads to destruction of self.The only True essence of Life is LOVE. When we understand that as our true essence , we can Create TOGETHER with Our Creator and our Brothers endless Creation of LIFE.
It is our duty these days not to succumb to the darkness or the feelings of fear being provoked for this is the exact source of this destructive separation.
Only TOGETHER we shall stand STRONG and CREATE a Better world for us ALL.
Within the Darkness that appears at this time, CHOOSE the LIGHT, Tune into your HEARTS and FIND the PEACE in Your Hearts, Gifted to us from the DIVINE.
Connect to your innate DIVINE POWER to have PEACE in Your HEART despite..Elevate your own Vibration and create an inspiring ripple effect for others to follow..for if we all tuned into this higher vibration …then..That would create the change we are all searching for..
Blessings of
To Each and Every One of YOU,
For YOU and your BROTHER are ONE With the CREATOR
Much Love

A very special trip


These days I have returned from a miraculous trip

As some of you may know its been a while since Ive last travelled, as I have focused all my energy on making a new start for myself here in the south of France..

Ive been wanting so much to write about this trip but alas words fail me..as the experience or shall I say experiences were so rich and intense I really dont think I can fully describe at this time.
One thing I know for sure..I was on a mission..and the layers of meaning to this mission will continue to enfold with time, as I make the effort to ”land” back into my normal daily life..
Hardly anyone knew about this trip as I knew I would not be able to see all the people I so wish to see..and funny enough I did plan to document at least some important points and encounters, but I surprised even myself by wishing to flow with the experience to its fullest and not withdraw any tiny bit by taking out the camera etc..

So there it is ..all within..as it was supposed to be I guess..

This was a very personal trip
To four places in which I have left parts of me ..and which have left parts within me.
This was a special journey to close circles of past experiences..to seal, to heal and to allow new openings of growth.
I am deeply connected to these places and will forever be..Israel..Palestine..Cyprus and Turkey.
As I walked my personal pursuit of uncovering, discovering and recovering..I rediscovered parts of me which I have had to put aside along the way..all coming back together to fully form who I Truly AM.
Yes..I am ready to become who I truly Am.
I am excited, emotional and even still a bit disoriented as I fully blend and mend all my lost pieces..but I am truly Grateful.
And yet..this is not only a personal story..but through my own experiences , especially as I moved from one place to the other the following day, I have felt how close we are..and yet how far..
As I hugged a person in one place one day and had a warm conversation, the next day I was already the next place with such a similar experience..similar conversation..similar warmth..similar laughter and tears…how can we really think we are so different..?
While one day I was searching for gifts or tasting foods representing one culture, the next day I was in the ”other” place doing the same thing..feeling the same ..absorbing the same energy from the experience..
Many a times I had wished to zoom in and document all of it..to show ALL how we are the same..with our beautiful uniqueness..we are the same..the same worries..the same laughter..the same tears and the same joy..

As long as I exist
I will continue my mission

to strive to bring us ALL BACK TOGETHER = AAKHDA (“Together” in Ancient Arameic)


Definitely to be continued..














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Thank you Montana!


Thank you Montana Rakefet Billings for supporting project Aakhda as well as for all you do to promote Peace!

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Thank you Charlie!


Thank you Charlie Riverman Bergeron for your continual support and contribution to project Aakhda !
Checkout Charlie`s exquisite soulful poetry which has also been shared here on Aakhda as his intentions and messages are equally created to us all uniting towards the Light!

*Note: If you wish to support project Aakhda by purchasing a Tshirt spreading a message of Love to our Brothers and Sisters Trespassing all Borders, visit:

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Thank you Marianna!

IMG_3793Thank you Marianna Bulachki Trembovler for supporting Project Aakhda!
Marianna has been a Huge contributor to the project with her Heart of Gold, which comes to her so naturally as she already is so active in promoting peace and spreading love All around her!
We will definitely keep you updated on her own projects in the future!
Meantime checkout her Website as she is also a super talented Photographer based in the Netherlands!

* Note: If you wish to support project Aakhda by purchasing a Tshirt spreading a message of Love to our Brothers and Sisters Trespassing all Borders ,visit :

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Be who you truly are..


Every Stitch carries Love ~


Can You Feel The Love.. ❤
Working on another Peace Message
Collaborative Messages handcrafted by my Palestinian sisters and myself
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Much Love,

My Brother On the other Side I Love You – Campaign

Whoooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo ❤ 🙂
Im so excited!!!
Just Launched this campaign!
Please check it out
Ive searched for an idea for us to carry the message of Brotherly Love out there..and here it is!
Inspired by my poem “My Brother on the other side”
“Aakhda” has Now created Tshirts carrying the message of Love ❤
Revenues from these tshirts will help fund my project Aakhda dedicated to promoting the message of Love among ALL and will help further Aakhda`s project with my Palestinian sisters!


Thank you
Much Love ❤

Update: Whoever gets a tshirt Im counting on your photos so I can Post here on Aakhda and we can spread globally sending LIGHT & LOVE to EVERY Corner of this World  ❤
Psssssssssssssssssssssssssst this is a LOVE BOMB……………and its Sizzzzzzzzzzzzzzling Super All Embracing ((( LOVE )))

I Know who I am ~

For my upcoming Birthday in 2 days I received such a powerful affirming message from Spirit..
Yes ..
There is so much PEACE

In the Knowing of who you are

as a Divine Creation


Blessings to ALL

Much Love,



peace - Copy peace signed