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“Many new faces are set to appear on the international scene to calm down and pacify those who would rush to war.  As they do so, you can all help by adding the “weight” of your intent to be loving and share love in every moment of your daily lives.  Those loving intents that you hold and direct, or allow God to direct on your behalf, are indeed of great weight.  They are intensely powerful, although to each one of you individually they may appear of very little significance.  So, let go of your doubts about your importance in this massive undertaking that is under way, and re-intensify your determined intent to be loving and to share your love at all times. That is your task, your reason for being embodied humans at this point in your spiritual evolution.  No one else can do what you – each individual following her spiritual path – can do.  The intent that every single one of you holds is essential, and when you awaken you will see why this is so.  Every morning as you wake up, and every night as you prepare for sleep, intend to be love, share love, and extend love to all of humanity without exception, and know that God’s divine Will is being done.”

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Mia Leventhal