Taking responsibility ~ Changing the Game

Today as I sat at the village square, one of the farmers approached me and said, I have some great Leek today, you who eats vegetables (as he knows I am Vegan) might be interested. I smiled and answered not if it`s at the same high price you offered to sell me the Green Beans last time.. He  started to explain about his produce and prices and then added I`m not ‘Jewish’ you know..
I was with my friend who like me, happened to be Jewish.. and like me has been gravely affected by acts of racism in his life.
We looked at each other for a split second..in the past I would of let this pass..as I am not one for confrontations.. but I have come to realize that it is imperative we choose not to ignore this sort of remark and it`s consequences.
I said to him, Dear Sir,
You know,
I am Jewish.
My Mother is from Strasbourg, France. During the Holocaust she had fled here to the South of France to hide, while most of her family were immediately deported and killed by the Nazis. Though I am absolutely certain your comment was meant in innocent humor, it is these comments and jokes which we allow to flow freely between us in society without further thought, that create and nurture the grounds for more severe acts of racism to occur.
He then told us the story of his father`s friend who was Jewish and was deported and he started to cry… I realized how truly innocent his comment was and how he was not connecting the energy it carries .. I know without a doubt he had meant no harm.. and when he cried I felt such sadness. .for us All.. Mainly as I could see so clearly how we are causing harm to our Global family without even realizing it.. I said to him, I know you don’t realize.. but we have a responsibility.. not to participate in this dangerous game, in which people get hurt at the end.. and then its too late..

Racist remarks about Jews, Arabs, Blacks, Whites, Asian, etc
WE have the option NOW to stop and think about the Power of our Words and Actions, and to cease following the flow of the crowd without giving any further thought.. For words are POWERFUL.. they carry Energy like a snowball that gets out of hand..
Let us stop and think about our Words and Actions TODAY.
Let us Own Responsibility for the Energy we Carry out into the world.
Let us make the Effort to Shift our habits and Modify them if needed,
To Create a Better World for Us ALL regardless of Our Color, Religion or Race.
We Are One Big Global Family,
Let`s Start Caring for each other..
Much Love