Ali Abu Awwad US Speaking Tour


More about Ali Abu Awwad here:


Ali Abu Awwad is a very interesting, inspiring and extremely devoted Palestinian Peace Activist. His own personal story and evolvement allows him to grow with his work and offer a unique, authentic and brave voice striving to find harmony and dignity.
He is currently touring the U.S on a speaking tour..please check out the cities in which he will speak. He is well worth listening to and following.
I will surely write about him more here .

Ali Abu Awwad is the Palestinian partner in :

Leading leaders for Peace

which you can also follow their activities on their site.
I have written about them before here:

To see the cities in the U.S in which he is speaking :

Ali Abu Awwad US Speaking Tour.

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Allowing Peace ~

If we really search for Peace..we must really Open our eyes and Hearts to see there is a Vibrational match for a sincere long as we concentrate on the negative we will SEE only the negative..there are OTHER players in this Game..if we Really wish to see them..and we can if we want.. Nurture them to have more Power and Create a Healthier Situation.. one of Respect to Both People..dismissing this or even delaying this is detrimental to All..

“If I were Israeli Prime Minister I would pick up the phone and ask President Abbas to come to Jerusalem so that we together could figure out how to best end this war and begin making real peace.” Gershon Baskin


All of us are too overwhelmed by the events and seeking sense and emotional refuge in finding the right and the wrong which leads to focus on whatever wrong is being done by whoever and further creates separation, hate and inevitable violence as a consequence..
It is imperative if we want to create open a Real window for it to stop closing the door by focusing on what is Not..but focusing what CAN be done Positively..when we OPEN and focus on the Light..the Light beams stronger and comes closer towards us ..
We should do more to Focus and Nourish any little spark that exists rather than nourishing our fears and as a result empowering the dark..
Staying positive and acting from within this attitude will bring us a fruitful future of Love & Peace for ALL


If we want Peace..really want real Peace..we are to Be Peace And Open up to Peace..By Opening our Hearts to is There..if we only wish to see..the Path unfolds before us..

Blessings of Peace & Love to ALL ❤


Appeal to fund Project AAKHDA

Dear Friends,

Project AAKHDA is in need of funding and is currently launching an appeal on “Indiegogo“:

The Link on Indiegogo :

Please take a moment to read all about my wish to continue working with these women and manifest this dream of  generating a cycle of love, that can, to my belief, create ripples of energy  in the region and throughout the world, healing our current global chaotic situation.

Please consider taking part of this in any way possible to you, either by any small donation , purchase of their products or spreading the word about the project or the Fundraising Campaign by sharing the links with others to your friends or on your sites.
Thank you very much for your time

Much Love