Where do we Go from Here…?

Cease fire..

Praying for it finally to last..
Where do we go to from here if it does..
How do we pick up the pieces..
How do we live in face of the horror committed

The ugliest Exposed
How do we remain Composed..

How do we Forgive
How do we Live

How do we Go on from Here..

Healing is Essential
Looking Deep within

Seeing what this all really Signifies

How we allowed the Separation to cause Destruction..
What can we do to Heal, Rebuild, Re Unite

To reach the Real peace we are so yearning for , We Embrace All under our wings of Compassion,

We Forgive even the worst, for in doing so we Free ourselves and them into Creating something New and Better for All..
We do our best in showing a way that Respects the Divinity in All and in our Love for them they too will learn to Love others..Amen.. ‚̧


Let us pick up the pieces and Build Something Better for us All to Live in Mutual Respect TODAY!

Towards the Abyss/ Mia Leventhal

Along the footsteps

Towards the Abyss

There is absolutely nothing

We shall miss

We will search dig and probe

All across the globe

Until we shine

squeeky clean

like the sun itself

Has never seen

We are in  Devotion

To lifes only Magic Potion

Total Love

The ELixir

Which makes us adhere

And slowly release all fear

We will do what it takes

And make all the possible mistakes

Because we are chosen

We are Golden

We will never let go of the journey

Until we become the shining light

We are meant to be

Sailing unto the horizon

Beaming and setting all free