From Love..with Love..

Meet Julia! This sweet Angelic little girl asked her mom to buy this ”sunshine bag” made by my Palestinian sisters within project AAKHDA:  ,

as her Christmas present from My online shop :
I was immediately so warmed at heart by this girl`s enthusiasm that I did what I could to try and get it to her in time for Christmas..
I was then thrilled to further hear that she had heard about my project from her teacher who told the class in her school in N.Y.

Julia`s joy is my joy as she embodies the heart of this project..from love…to love…with love…

I love you dear Julia..bless your sweet heart..May you enjoy this bag with the love process it carries and may you blossom and shine and grow up one day to show the world more love with your pure heart..I am absolutely sure you will make us very proud of we already are!

Much Love,Mia.

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