Cherishing the space ~






“Between Stimulus and response, there is a space.
In that space lies our power and freedom to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and freedom” ¬†Viktor Frankl



..and if every time we feel fired up with anger/shame/guilt/fear

we would stop before firing out an automatic response of defense?

so many of us wish to feel safe

knowing were in the right

on the right side

supported and loved

what if I were to tell you

there is no right side

we`re all right and we`re all wrong

and were all swimming in this vast sea of existence

searching for a way

making a lot of mistakes

and trying to make sense of it all.

Those of you who think you belong to one side

remember you belong to the side of the humanity

in which we are all for life and respectful of the creator who has granted this life to us.

searching and delving into the history of who did what to who will not add up to anything constructive and will only result in furthering conflict.

what if we were to seek the common?

That which we both wish for?

We all wish to live..

we all wish to be respected?loved?

what if each and every one in his personal space were to begin to shift his experience

of separation?

what if we were to say

wait a minute

he ,he who has annoyed me in his presence

he too wishes to live 

he too is a brother of creation

which the creator has placed right beside me

there must be a reason

and if it were to see

he is but a mirror for me?

And if it were to see

by embracing him

I embrace the whole of me?

what if I were to say

you know what

I understand you

I too have my moments

I am not perfect either..

maybe we can create the space for us both to see things another way?

If you feel threatened

Check it out

If you are absolutely directly threatened on the spot

Do what you need to save yourself

But if you are not in absolute direct danger

Do your utmost to remain a respectful human being

we all need the space to reconsider our thoughts and actions

if we create human interaction based on constant automatic defense

we will not get anywhere

There is no excuse in the world for unnecessary aggression or violence.

Stop and think today

See each and every experience

as a blessed opportunity

Given by the Divine

for us to evolve and be Better Human beings

Take a look today

in which way can you “SEE”


In which way can you say to him

I see you as me

I recognise you as part of my human family

Start from today.. and wont be sorry..

Much Love,




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