This Wound/Mia Leventhal

20180427_103242this wound signed

This wound
Shall Burst Open

Shall pour Love onto it

A sigh
Will Turn
To a cry
Will flow
As Golden Elixir
Washing away
The pain
From its debris

This wound will slide
Into the abyss
And turn to Bliss
For we have given it
Our sweetest kiss
From the Depths of our Souls
Blessed by the Divine
Never to be dismissed

This wound
Shall Heal
For we have
Poured our Love
Into it
You and I

Awakening the Wisdom of the Heart Film by


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“Following the meeting in Aspen the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW), the parent organization of the Contemplative Alliance, continued to facilitate this process when we organized follow-up conversations and gatherings on pressing issues of our time including how to understand the economic crisis from a spiritual perspective. Two meetings were held, one on Wall Street and one in Washington around the theme “Re-envisioning Prosperity.” In June 2013 we focused on strengthening, through unity, groups across the North East working toward similar ends, but from varying disciplines: economic, environmental, social and faith. In 2014, our goal has been to encourage a national conversation around heart-centered practices, rooted in deep inner wisdom, that are necessary to engender the outer shifts we seek. For more information go to ”


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