Peace in our Hearts


Dear friends,
These days in many corners of the world the belly of humanity is attempting to evoke all that is hidden within it that separates us from our true Divine essence of Love and of belonging to each other, all that separates us from each other and from our creator, for the deeper target of once again bringing unity, brotherhood and Love.The process is painful as is any and all processes of painful wound clearing, but in this process we get to see how far away so many of us have come from ourselves and from our true essence of Love. Without Love, we cannot exist.No Money No “Power” no separation and no Greed can truly possess the essence of Creation. There are no winners in the game of destruction for all destruction leads to destruction of self.The only True essence of Life is LOVE. When we understand that as our true essence , we can Create TOGETHER with Our Creator and our Brothers endless Creation of LIFE.
It is our duty these days not to succumb to the darkness or the feelings of fear being provoked for this is the exact source of this destructive separation.
Only TOGETHER we shall stand STRONG and CREATE a Better world for us ALL.
Within the Darkness that appears at this time, CHOOSE the LIGHT, Tune into your HEARTS and FIND the PEACE in Your Hearts, Gifted to us from the DIVINE.
Connect to your innate DIVINE POWER to have PEACE in Your HEART despite..Elevate your own Vibration and create an inspiring ripple effect for others to follow..for if we all tuned into this higher vibration …then..That would create the change we are all searching for..
Blessings of
To Each and Every One of YOU,
For YOU and your BROTHER are ONE With the CREATOR
Much Love

Healing the wounded belly of Humanity


Sending Love to Orlando, and to All places around the world in which wounded parts of humanity have turned to violence towards innocent lives.
May all lives be cherished.
May Peace among All , the Holy Sacred Value of our Creation be Respected and Restored.

May we connect to the belly of Humanity which connects us All and Heal our pain.
May we remember the Love that we Are,
That embraces each other as ourselves,respecting our creation and uniting as One unto the Light.Amen
Much Love

Eid Blessings


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Ramadan Blessings

Ramadan Blessings to all those celebrating~OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Happy Easter


Full moon & Lunar Eclipse Blessings ~

Blessings to All for this coming Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse
May we All tune in as of Now to our intentions of Manifesting & Celebrating our Highest Selves and the Good Of ALL ❤OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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My brother On the Other Side Poem, Persian & Hebrew Translation!

How Exciting!
# My Brother On the Other Side Poem Translated to Persian & Hebrew!
Thank you Azi Parssian for the translation to Persian !
Thank you Marianna Bulachki Trembovler for the Lovely Layout!
Image taken by myself of Jaffa SeaSide
Stay Tuned to More Translations and exciting Surprises!
All Designed to deliver the Message of LOVE Across the GLOBE!
Much Love,



Dear Brothers & Sisters!
Great News!
I Have opened an online shop to offer Aakhda`s Tshirts Carrying a Message of Love to Our Brother/ Sister On the Other Side ,based on my poem “My Brother On the Other Side”

Let`s end the illusion of separation,carrying a Message to the ‘Other’ spreading our love worldwide to Unite!
Let`s Carry the Message Out there!
Tshirts can be Purchased Here:

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Join our community of Global LOVE ~

Sisters & Brothers!  JOIN our community of GLOBAL LOVERS
REACH OUT to the OTHER on the OTHER SIDE and show them Were ALL ON THE SAME SIDE
Check out Aakhda`s current campaign carrying the message of love trespassing borders!
THANK YOU to ALL those Endlessly Supporting Project Aakhda and Believe in the purity of Intention promoting the Message of LOVE 1378525_10152649894142883_6462948576039886777_n

Thank you Sonja Jetter for carrying the Message of Love to Israel & Palestine, preserving a moment of Love Trespassing Borders at the wall with Israeli & Palestinian friend Breaking through the illusion of separation ❤ WE ARE ONE ❤


Join us!
Get your Tshirt today! :

I Shall Walk in TRUTH/ Mia Leventhal


I Shall Walk in TRUTH

I Shall Release

All that does not Align

With my Divinity.

I Shall Not Cease

To Seek The Spark

Within the Dark,

For I am Committed


I Shall No Longer

Invest my Energy
In Anything or Anyone

Who does not Abide by the Sheer TRUTH

I Shall Not Waver
Nor Do I find Temptation

In Empty Comfort.

I Shall Focus All I Am
In Purity
And the Recovering of the TRUTH

For ALL to see.

So Help me God.

In Humble Gratitude