Celebrate YOU!



This is my gift to you…a gentle reminder to each and every one of you…YOU are BEAUTIFUL….deep down inside each and everyone of us is a Unique SOUL..a SEED of the DIVINE holding within the PUREST Beauty in it`s own unique way. As we Acknowledge it and nurture it, respecting it and expressing it in all it`s wonder and glory, we share that Beauty with the world! Do not hide and Do not seek acceptance and confirmation through others..seek to be your own TRUE self…Celebrate your truth and SHine through to the world With ALL your Energy..for then we will ALL Celebrate with you too!

*post taken from Kahliya`s Blog : http://kahliyalogue.wordpress.com

Happy Valentine`s Day!

Much Love


Inspiring love

This is a story of Love, to celebrate and inspire us all on Valentine`s day.
This is a story of a friendship that crosses borders..of ignorance, fear and unnecessary strife.
Mohammad Alqadi from Jenin,Palestine and Avi Deul from Hod Hasharon,Israel ,both peace ativists ,have met on the internet through their devoted activity,and later in real life..after which they eventually became great friends..
Lately,Mohammad was visiting in TelAviv ,in relation to this peace activity and stayed the night at Avi`s place,before returning back home the next day.
This is what he wrote following his experience as he returned home and told his friends about his stay.. after which it seems that Avi had received the same reactions of fear,suspicion and astonishment from his own  surroundings..

Mohammad`s words:


when i back from telaviv i told my friend that i spent my night in my jew friend Avi they my friend say : are you crazy … i said what .. then they say you dont afraid that when you sleep they can come and kill u ….  hhhhhhh realy start with smiling realy alot of stuiped people in the the world i told them if they are some one who crazy in the world is u and u and u coz Avi is my best friend and he didnt do that for me realy we talk about trust ya trust i trust him and he trust me ..  after that when i was called avi in skype i told him what happen with me he start to Laughing and said to me that his friends said to him the same so we started to laugh both of us ….just i wanna say that i love you and your family Avi and i had a great time with your family thanks Avi”

I am so proud to know Mohammad and Avi,both are excellent examples of the courage needed in these times to breakthrough the stagnating consensus of fear and distrust which has settled in our region,as in other similar situations around the world.
Reaching out to the ‘other’ with a pure heart, releasing fear and old wounds ,allows us to create anew, a brighter reality…one of collaboration, of mutual inspiration ,of friendship.. of Love.
It is people like these who take our shaky hands and show us the way..to trust ..and overcome..and create a better..brighter world for us and for future generations to come..
GodBless you Mohammad and Avi,may all of humanity follow in your footsteps..Amen..