Hatima Tova

This evening is the eve of  Yom Kippour
An important day in the Jewish faith, a day of Concentrated Prayer, of repentance and of forgiveness.
Asking forgiveness from our fellow man and from God, Our Creator.
On this day it is traditional to begin a fast from this evening until tomorrow evening, to deepen our intentions and focus, after which, it is said , we are to be written in the book of God, to which we wish each other “Hatima Tova” = Good Signing.

I would like to wish everyone celebrating Yom Kippour, Hatima Tova and an easy fast for those fasting.
I am hopeful we can pause and think about our fellow man, on a personal level and on a larger level.
The world at large has come to a place where we are feeling so much hurt and difference come to surface to be looked at and to be healed, but at the same time, we have come to a place where we feel more and more connected, with people from all over the world, from different countries, faiths & religions.
We are seeing more and more how we resemble despite our differences..how we hurt the same..laugh the same..love the same and fear the same.. we are seeing how we are interconnected..how we, from all over the Globe and our Earth depend on each other and our collaboration to reach those beautiful dreams of peace,harmony and blossoming that we all so wish for.. We are also seeing the results of the separation..the fear..and the resentment..for all the destruction and pain this has brought to all of us.. leading us back to source and to the holy teachings we have all received asking us to cherish and value our creation, our creator and our fellow brothers & sisters from the same creator
Shall we heed the call?
Shall we choose to do that much more each and everyone of us to soften and avoid conflict..
To Nourish harmony and Love so as to avoid more escalation to what we have seen such troublesome results ?
Are we ready to Honor All of Life?All of Creation?

My wish to All of us is to contemplate on this..today and everyday of our existence..
I leave you with a beautiful initiative of circles of music ‘Unite in Babylon” that does not divide between any faith, tradition or religion, aiming to create, celebrate and nourish harmony among all, taking place in Tel Aviv and in another 17 countries simultaneously to spread this awareness and nurture light and love, God Bless.
This clip starts with the singing of the words ‘And I receive upon myself to serve the will of God, to Love thy neighbor as thyself”..

Much Love


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Happy Eid & Hatima Tova




This year we have been blessed with a beautiful gift from the Universe.

A sacred holiday for the Jewish tradition coincides on the same day as the celebration of a Sacred Holiday in the Muslim tradition.Such a lovely occasion to celebrate our joint faith within our beautiful diversity.

As a Global Family we have been given many teachings, not to separate us but to represent the various colours of similar truths, so that we can all share our own versions and grow together towards the light.

I have written before how the essence of Yom Kipour in the Jewish tradition is very similar to the Ramadan in The Muslim Tradition.
Today we have an opportunity to share the same day in our dedication to our faith.

On Yom Kipour we devote ourselves to inner contemplation, through prayer and fasting during 24 hrs, reviewing our actions , repenting our sins and asking for forgiveness,after which we are said to be “signed in ” to the book of life..hence the term wished to one another “Hatima Tova” Good signing.

Eid Al Adha is devoted to the essence of Sacrifice based on Abraham`s readiness to sacrifice the life of his son to the request of God, aswell as his son`s readiness to sacrifice his own life, after which God spared his life.

The Test of Faith that was put to them both is of great significance and requires contemplation upon our readiness to sacrifice ourselves in our lives for our faith and for the sake of others.

It is my wish on this Joint Holy day that we share our faith and see the beauty in one another, joining together in contemplation upon our ways and our faith, remembering God has created us all in Love and aiding each other to grow  TOGETHER towards the Light of our Joint Creator, Amen.

Blessings to All

Much Love



He who loveth the creator/ Mia Leventhal

He who loveth

The Creator
Loves all
He has Created.
Our Neighbors
Are our Brothers to Creation,
Intended to
Complete our Existence,
Living side by side in Harmony.
Just as
The Sea Completes
The Earth
And the Air Completes
The Flower`s Birth.
Once we surrender
To Love
We shall then Understand
The Secret of Creation
And Find
Peace and Serenity.
Original Poem written by myself in Hebrew:
האוהב את בורא העולם
אוהב את כל בריאתו.
שכנינו הם אחינו לבריאה
ונבראו להשלמת קיומינו על פני האדמה
כשם שהים משלים את היבשה
והאויר משלים את הפריחה
כך גם אנו נועדנו
לחיות זה לצד זה
ברגע שנבין
ונכנע לאהבה
אז נגלה
את סוד הבריאה
ונמצא את השלום והשלווה..
מיאה לבנטל